Products and services for hybrid IT needs of all sizes

Colocation, Interconnection, Cloud, Data Protection, Professional Services, and more. Explore our suite of services to solve your most pressing IT puzzles and business opportunities.

KEY Benefits

Turnkey services with commercial flexibility

When you’re ready to onboard or expand, the FlexAnywhere platform supports seamless scaling of environments, new services, and infrastructure. And you’re free to shift spend to support what’s needed today and in the future.

Easily scale where you need it

41 data centers, 19 high-growth domestic markets, and 300+ on-net carriers. International subsea cable pathways to get hybrid IT coverage where it’s needed.

Flexible infrastructure options built to integrate

An interoperable catalog of data protection and managed and professional services on top of one-size-fits-one colocation, cloud, and interconnection options.

Secure, always-on connections to all ecosystems

A 100 Gbps network backbone scalable to 400 Gbps, with Cloud Fabric, Cross Connects, and tailored interconnection services for hybrid environments of all complexities.

What would you do with $2.2M in increased revenue?

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Enabling your hybrid IT journey, one service at a time

Colocation, interconnection, cloud, data protection, and professional services. We love solving unique hybrid IT needs with customized products and lean-agile methodologies to reduce spend.


Our strategically positioned colocation footprint features 41 data centers across 19 high-growth markets and 300+ on-net carriers. Secure, redundant, and efficient high-density power without the cost or responsibility of in-house data centers.

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Nationwide Data Centers

From Portland to Tampa, our 41 strategically located data centers across 19 high-growth markets are built to handle workloads of all sizes.


Our connectivity-rich facilities are supported by an industry-leading 100 Gbps network backbone, access to subsea cables, and low-latency connections to hyperscale providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.


Cloud Fabric

Access to secure, low-latency connections to leading cloud service providers with software-defined interconnections that automate the connection process.

IP Bandwidth

Fixed and burstable options up to 40 Gbps, built on a foundation of redundant carriers that ensure a 100% uptime SLA and optional IP address advertising out of other centers.

Cross Connects

Leverage the physical cabling and management that provide critical access to carriers, clouds, and IT service providers with multiple connectivity types.

Data Center Interconnect

Connect between any two points on the Flexential data center network on the industry’s highest level of connectivity by a single data center provider.

Interconnection Mesh

Reduce complexity and add redundancy without the need for additional circuits on a superior and agile network that supports any-to-any connections.

Network Hub

Connect directly to public and private clouds and other regional network hubs and bring connectivity closer to your users for low latency requirements and stronger application performance.

Network Management

Outsource critical aspects of your infrastructure onto a team dedicated to the success of your organization.

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Our cloud solutions improve business responsiveness with on demand scaling. Protect data, maintain control, and optimize hybrid IT costs with best-in-class cloud options.

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Hosted Private Cloud

Accommodate your changing IT requirements with a verified VMware Hosted Private Cloud, delivered with pre-integrated security and compliance.

Multi-Tenant Cloud

A cost-effective, scalable and highly available cloud infrastructure solution for production workloads, supported by certified cloud service experts.

Managed Public Cloud

All the benefits of public cloud with a flexible, consumption-based utility model and real-time visibility so you only pay for what you use.

Managed Containers

24x7 cloud infrastructure management, leveraging Kubernetes in AWS, Azure, or FlexCloud to support containerized workloads with Professional Services’ support and architecture.

Desktop as a Service

Optimal performance, security, and compliance for remote working.

Expert Cloud Management

Outsource critical aspects of your infrastructure to a team dedicated to your organization.

Streamline your cloud infrastructure and optimize TCO

Schedule a no-cost workshop for insights to performance-tune your virtual data center, including provisioning capacity, memory, vCPU, and more.

Data protection

Protect your data, applications, and users from disruptions using data protection solutions as unique as your business. Bolster resiliency with comprehensive and flexible disaster recovery as a service.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Minimize unplanned downtime with cost-effective DRaaS, low RTOs and RPOs, and comprehensive DR planning and testing. Built for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Backup as a Service

Protect data with offsite backups and stringent security that support full data recovery and restores in the event of an incident.

Cloud Data Storage

Streamline data storage with highly available, cost-effective on-demand capacity and accessibility that supports multiple use cases for unstructured data, data archiving, DevOps, and more.

Managed Security

Outsource critical aspects of your infrastructure security operations to a team of IT security professionals.

DRaaS Planning and Testing

Prepare for the unexpected with our special offer on DRaaS planning and assisted testing.

Professional Services

Accelerate your IT journey with consultative, end-to-end engagements and collaborate with Flexential architects, engineers, and hybrid IT experts for actionable guidance.

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Architecture and Transformation

Our teams follow proven methodologies to define a clear future state and architect, transform, and modernize IT environments.

Compliance Management

Complex compliance requirements? Achieve compliance, reduce risk, and increase security with our highly certified compliance team.


Improve cybersecurity posture and reduce risk with comprehensive services provided by highly certified and experienced experts.


Establish successful DevOps environments with an expert and cost-effective platform team that also provides 24x7x365 support to accelerate your DevOps transformation.

Professional Services for Disaster Recovery

Protect your operations against disruptions, minimize data loss, and maintain availability with a tailored and tested DR plan from experienced consultants.  

Cloud Migration and Strategy

Address every cloud journey stage at any maturity level—from assessing optimal workload placements to executing complex cloud migrations and transformations.

Network Transformation Workshop

Today your business is digital, and your network is the backbone. Our subject matter expertise includes infrastructure, networks, security, and automation—all on one team, to ensure an optimal future state.

The FlexAnywhere® Platform

FlexAnywhere®: Hybrid IT flexibility without compromise

The highly connected FlexAnywhere Platform delivers tailored infrastructure capabilities with automation, a pay-as-you-go model, and scalability for your business needs.

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Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

Reach out with a question, business challenge, or infrastructure goal. We’ll provide a customized FlexAnywhere® solution blueprint.