Cloud strategy and migration

Experienced cloud consultants optimize, migrate, and create cloud strategies with predictable costs, improved security, reliability, and agility.

Professional Services - Cloud Strategy and Migration
Enable scalable, secure clouds aligned with financial and operational business needs

A common challenge for organizations is having a sufficiently staffed cloud team experienced in cloud strategy, design, security, transformation, and migrations. To minimize risk, you need an experienced team to reduce project delays, unexpected costs, and unnecessary disruptions.

  • No roadmap for the future state and no cloud strategy to achieve the desired outcome
  • Lengthy cloud transformations that don’t quickly and effectively deliver predictable costs, improved security, reliability, and agility
  • Lack of cloud migration expertise increases downtime risk, missed dependencies, and performance issues
  • Unpredictable and out-of-control cloud transformation and daily operation costs
Optimal, strategic workload placement decisions
Successful cloud environments begin with a comprehensive approach to workload placement.
Faster and more successful cloud transformations
A well-developed cloud strategy with a clear roadmap and reliable timelines to your desired future state.
Faster, smoother cloud migrations
Understanding dependencies, thorough planning, testing, cutover, and validation by a team that executes cloud migrations every day.
New cost efficiencies
Right-fit cloud solutions yield efficiencies in managing and administering your cloud costs and environments.
Meet business requirements with cloud-native benefits
Effectively utilize cloud native features to increase scalability, agility, and reliability.
Built-in modern cloud security
Increase cloud security using today’s best practices across public and private cloud environments.
Create your multi-cloud strategy today to meet tomorrow’s requirements and cost structures.
Features and benefits
Cloud strategy
Create your cloud journey roadmap

Develop a future-state vision, cloud strategy, and roadmap aligned to financial and operational business needs. Identify potential challenges and assess workload portability to cloud environments. Choose the right cloud, for the right reason.

  • Optimal workload placements
  • Documented cloud strategy
  • Cloud transformation roadmaps
  • Expert guidance and discovery for reduced risk
Low-risk cloud migrations
Partner with experienced migration experts

Our cloud migration experts execute migrations with reduced risk and minimal downtime to accelerate your cloud strategy progress. Leverage our experienced team and our proven migration methodology to uncover dependencies and address potential challenges. Receive a comprehensive plan for migration execution that includes validation, testing, and cutover.

  • Discover and identify dependencies
  • Documented migration strategy
  • Detailed migration procedures and test plans
  • Robust validation and UAT before cutover
  • Realize transformation opportunities during migration
Cloud cost optimization
Control AWS and Azure costs

Reduce your AWS and Azure cloud costs through analysis of workloads, resource allocations, and consumption patterns. Receive prioritized cost optimization recommendations for controlling or reducing costs.

  • Avoid runaway cloud costs
  • Eliminate costs for unneeded services
  • Optimization aligned to business requirements
  • Costs aligned to preferred financial models
  • Improve cloud cost predictability

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