​​FlexAnywhere: Hybrid IT flexibility without compromise

The highly connected FlexAnywhere® platform delivers tailored infrastructure capabilities with automation, a pay-as-you-go model, and high-density scalability for your business needs.


A strategic and integrated approach to your technology infrastructure

A national data center footprint comprising 40+ data centers, 19 markets, and a 100 Gbps network backbone built to support compute-intensive AI, ML, and GPU workloads

Standardized and built for scale

The agility and ability to scale in any direction with cloud, colocation, and connectivity options

Interoperable and complementary services

Improved performance, reliability, and agility with 3rd-party service and API integration

Pay as you go — and grow

Spend only on what you need with commercial flexibility and shift costs as business needs change


A highly connected ecosystem powered to achieve your infrastructure goals

The FlexAnywhere platform offers colocation, cloud services, interconnection, data protection, and professional services to support your hybrid IT journey.

“Flexential offered us the space, power and ability to grow at a meteoric pace over the past two years. We have increased our tool capacity volume by more than 200% and have improved our uptime by 50%. The data that lives on the Flexential infrastructure is critical to our business of saving lives through proper vehicle diagnostics.”
John Soltello
Vice President of IT, asTech
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Comprehensive hybrid IT solutions to support your unique IT infrastructure


Our strategically positioned colocation footprint features 40+ data centers across 19 high-growth markets and 300+ on-net carriers delivering secure, redundant, and efficient high-density power without the cost or responsibility of in-house data centers.


Get access to an industry-leading 100Gbps network backbone, hundreds of carriers, subsea cables and low-latency connections to cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.


Our suite of cloud solutions provides the ability to scale in any direction on demand and improve business responsiveness. Protect data, maintain control, and optimize hybrid IT costs with best-in-class cloud options.

Data Protection

Protect your data, applications and infrastructure from disruptions using disaster recovery solutions as unique as your business requirements. Bolster your business resiliency with comprehensive and flexible disaster recovery.

Professional Services

Accelerate your IT journey with consultative, end-to-end engagements and collaborate with Flexential architects, engineers, and hybrid IT experts for actionable guidance and compliance needs.

WHY ​​FlexAnywhere

Investment protection, operational efficiency, and cost optimization

Save by paying as you go — and grow 

Scale your IT environment up or down without worry of over-provisioning, plus commercial flexibility to shift to different services.

Real-time visibility into capacity and performance 

Get online self-service single-pane visibility and reporting alongside remediation, optimization, and transformation assistance.

Improved customer outcomes, increased retention, and boosted revenue

Better performance and stability improve customer retention, with a 48% average ROI for strategic initiatives.

Improve your IT environment and reinvest in strategic goals  

average customer ROI 
increased operational efficiency
reduced downtime 
The FlexAnywhere platform upgrades your hybrid IT reliability, agility, and connectivity
Increase your application performance and reliability.

Higher SLAs, RPO within seconds, RTO under two hours, and high redundancy access with POPs in every major carrier hotel in the US.

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Two discounted disaster recovery services valued at $25,000+

Agility and ability to scale.

Lean-agile tools, scalable cloud connectivity, visibility and self-service control, faster expansions, and built-in security and reliability SLAs.

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Ensure an optimized, scalable cloud infrastructure with a no-cost, no-obligation workshop

Improve your network performance and interconnection.

Optimal routing, reduced congestion points, 100% uptime and security, and small edge deployments to access private cloud, storage, and near networks.

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Get 50% off high-speed, low-latency colocation for a limited time!

Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

Reach out with a question, business challenge, or infrastructure goal. We’ll provide a customized FlexAnywhere® solution blueprint.