Support AI, ML, and GPU deployments with high-density colocation

High-density data centers support high performance compute (HPC) workloads with optimized space, power, and cooling efficiency.

High-Density Deployments

[Flexential] new data centers will build on the rapid growth that we've seen over the last year…helping us meet the explosive demand for high-performance cloud infrastructure to power AI workloads.

Brian Venturo
CTO, CoreWeave

High-density heat, limited floor space, and unacceptable downtime

High-capacity data centers must be uniquely designed to handle the requirements of compute-intensive environments—while ensuring reliable performance and scalability.

High-density heat, limited floor space, and unacceptable downtime

The threat of overheating workloads?

High-density workloads require substantial power and provisioning, leading to high temperatures that kneecap performance.

Struggling to optimize limited floor space?

Maximizing the use of available floor space is critical to future growth and scalability without requiring costly facility expansions.

Balancing reliability with energy efficiency?

Critical deployments require power, cooling, networking, and storage redundancy—all while achieving a low PUE for sustainability and cost savings.

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High performance compute and connectivity paired with best-in-class time-to-revenue

Flexential supports unique high-density rack design for power, efficiency, and redundancy on a crystal-clear deployment runway to get critical workloads running on time.

Intelligent power distribution units for real-time control

Deploy intelligent PDUs for real-time monitoring and control with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and backup generators.

A variable optimized cooling infrastructure

Utilize precision cooling systems with variable speed fans to match cooling demand and hot/cold aisle containment and thermal modeling to optimize cooling efficiency.

Intelligent power distribution units for real-time control

Empower your infrastructure with the necessary power resources for seamless operations.

N+1, N+2, and distributed 4:3 and 5:4 redundancy

Implement power, cooling, and network infrastructure redundancies and utilize diverse network paths for failover.

Monitor and optimize energy consumption

Use advanced data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools to optimize energy usage and deploy LED lighting and motion sensors to reduce non-computing power usage.

N+1, N+2, and distributed 4:3 and 5:4 redundancy

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Scale efficiently with modular architecture

Design the data center in modular sections for easy expansion, with pre-installed infrastructure to minimize downtime during upgrades.

Robust physical security, management, and compliance

Incorporate measures like biometric access controls, surveillance, and environmental monitoring—with remote management capabilities—in a TIA-942 compliant data center design.

Scale efficiently with modular architecture

Increase speed to market with scalable and strategically positioned colocation footprint.

NVIDIA highly recommended Flexential, and as an NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center provider, we have confidence in Flexential’s ability to support the high-density GPU deployments of today’s demanding AI workloads.

Michael Maniscalo
CTO, Applied Digital

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