Enhance reliability to cloud service providers for end users

Provide a reliable, stable connection to cloud architecture to improve end-user performance, reduce single points of failure, and retain control over resource provisioning.


Flexential ensures the availability and performance of our environment, so I can focus on business and IT strategies that help us better serve our customers.

Frank Garcia
Director of Information Technology, WebTPA

Unreliable cloud connectivity results in poor user experiences and response times

Whether due to distributed workload placements, reliability concerns, or transformation initiatives, connection to a cloud service provider should be as seamless and intuitive as the rest of your hybrid IT environment.

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Seeing application degradation or lethargy?

Cloud environments offer scalability, freeing up on-premises power for mission-critical services—but not if your environment is bogged down with application failures.

Need to scale colocation?

Organizations facing explosive growth—or a downturn from seasonal demand—rely on cloud connectivity to scale cost-effectively in ways that on-premises can’t.

Can’t support cloud management?

New cloud technologies and resources appear more rapidly than ever, and businesses often can’t find the hybrid IT bandwidth or in-house expertise to keep up.

Get the blueprint to enhancing reliability to cloud service providers for a better end-user experience.


Connect data center deployments and network hubs to cloud providers with a fully redundant solution

Leverage Data Center Interconnect (DCI), Interconnection Mesh and Cloud Fabric together to improve end-user experience.

Network Hub

Network Hub provides a direct connection to public and private cloud options as well as other regional network hubs to make routing to local users faster and security updates seamless. The Flexential national infrastructure simplifies connecting distributed users and provides peace of mind for geographic considerations and disaster preparedness.

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Data Center Interconnect

Flexential Data Center Interconnect (DCI) provides up to 100 Gbps of connectivity between any two points on the Flexential network. In addition to cloud services, DCI can connect your hybrid network to peering exchanges, regional network exchanges, and a rich ecosystem of service providers.


Reduce complexity of multi-site connectivity with Interconnection Mesh.

Cloud Fabric

Flexential Cloud Fabric enables low-latency, direct connections to the leading cloud service providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Our software-defined interconnections automate the connection process, requiring only a single port to access multiple cloud environments, simplifying the adding, changing, and scaling of connectivity options on demand.

SNPI-Cloud-Providers-Cloud Fabric

As a community bank, we are committed to providing our customers with the products and services they need to enhance their lives. Flexential colocation services allow us to dedicate more time, attention and resources to strengthening our banking services, rather than managing a data center. 

Chip Clements
Executive Vice President, IT & Technology - Forcht Bank

Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

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