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Improve Network Performance & Interconnection

The ability to move data reliably, quickly, and securely is critical in today’s world.


Tune your IT infrastructure for speed and reliability to fuel business growth. 

  • Improve customer experience with lower latency
  • Distribute standard network hubs in user dense geographic locations
  • Enable granular control over resource provisioning and expenses
  • Include fully redundant connectivity solutions
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Improve response time

Enable better network traffic decisions and ensure a better-performing application through proximity

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Provide a secure and reliable network

Achieve seamless integration across the United States for greater confidence in reliable performance

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Improve reliability to cloud providers

Provide diversity in cloud connectivity, geographic regions, and replication between data centers

Improved response times and predictable performance for distributed users

When rolling out applications, distance, latency, and network traffic can cause users to have different experiences. By utilizing direct private connectivity, you can reduce latency and can deliver a more predictable user experience. Moving network services closer to where they need to be will ensure faster processing and handling time. Utilize Flexential Interconnection to leverage a highly reliable network that ensures 100% uptime and security.

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A secure, reliable network that delivers in a predictable fashion

By distributing network hubs and utilizing proprietary, but standard deployment components in different locations based on user density, you can reduce deployment times and scale quickly with predictable, repeatable solutions. SASE architecture provides added security that’s needed to address the new reality facing more and more organizations. FlexAnywhere™ delivers advanced security, faster deployments, and reliable solutions for businesses, right where you need them most. 

Precise control for application needs

Reliability is enhanced when connecting to the cloud and Flexential’s data center by deploying distributed network hubs closer to users. At the end of the day, this means an overall improved performance for end users and cost savings for you. Creating granular control over distributed enterprise colocation infrastructure and cloud service providers gives you scalable solutions to meet specific workload and application needs.

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Redundancy means consistency

The advantage of arming your business with embedded network security is knowing integrated components and software delivers an added layer of protection. A well architected and redundant interconnection between carrier networks, data centers and cloud providers avoid single points of failure and increase availability and performance.

Analyst Insights

451 Research dives into trends influencing interconnection and the business impacts of today's multicloud networking and colocation landscape for enterprises that want to consolidate control of cloud networking, IT infrastructure, and climbing operational costs.

Everything You Need to Achieve Superior Network Performance and Interconnection

There is no single element that can deliver optimal application performance and an unbeatable customer experience. Superior network performance and interconnection are achieved by multiple components, each playing a vital role.


Flexential helps leading businesses successfully adopt hybrid IT

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    Delivering critical medical and healthcare intervention

    Atrium Health Floyd deploys state-of-the-art colocation and disaster recovery services to support medical and logistics applications and safeguard critical data. 


    Secure, redundant environment protects patient data
    Audit-ready facilities help meet rigorous compliance obligations
    Skilled staff allowed internal IT team to focus on patient care
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Powered by the FlexAnywhere™ Platform

We believe every client has their own unique challenges.  That's why we spend time to deeply understand your business goals and utilize our flexible platform to provide solutions that best match your needs.

The FlexAnywhere™ platform is Flexential’s integrated set of capabilities including colocation, cloud, connectivity, data protection, managed and professional services which delivers tailored hybrid IT solutions.