Compliance with confidence

Highly certified experts help achieve compliance, reduce risk, and increase security.

Professional Services - Compliance Management Hero
Achieve and maintain your organization’s mandated compliance

Flexential Professional Services’ highly certified compliance experts provide assessments, actionable recommendations, detailed remediation guidance, and program development to establish and maintain your compliance program.

  • Lack of staff with compliance expertise and experience to establish, evolve, or maintain a compliance program
  • Complex and demanding compliance requirements that are difficult to understand, scope, and fulfill
  • Unknown or unaddressed compliance gaps create risk for the organization until they are remediated
  • Prevention of costs and damages to the organization—such as heavy fines, business loss, and reputation damage—from non-compliance
Services for multiple frameworks and standards
PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-30
Highly certified compliance experts
Use our extensive experience and certifications to meet your compliance needs.
Accelerate certifications and compliance
Our team accelerates your compliance and standards certifications, and speeds the adoption of frameworks.
Risk-based approach
A prioritized roadmap to meet compliance requirements, improve security, and reduce risk.
Practical information to mitigate your risks
Get prioritized, detailed, actionable guidance on what to remediate and how.
Work with experts to adopt cybersecurity and risk management best practices with our Cyber Defense Program
Assessments, validation, certifications, guidance, remediation, and program development
Experienced PCI QSAs

Discovery, assessments, third-party verification, testing, and reporting against the PCI DSS standard by QSAs. Receive actionable and prioritized remediation guidance to remediate gaps, design compliant environments, and mitigate risk.

  • Meet PCI DSS RoC and AoC requirements
  • Accurate SAQ submittals
  • Validated PCI DSS scope
  • Identified PCI DSS compliance risks
  • Penetration tested PCI DSS environments
  • Proactively managed PCI DSS compliance
Expertise from healthcare information security and privacy practitioners

Comprehensive risk and compliance assessments with actionable and prioritized remediation guidance. Design and scope HIPAA compliant environments to simplify compliance efforts.

  • Improved protection for PHI
  • Reduced risk of financial and reputational damage
  • HIPAA security, safety, data privacy, fraud, abuse, and waste prevention
  • Proactively managed HIPAA compliance
ISO 27001
Accelerate your information security management system

Work with CISSP certified professionals with ISO 27001 and security experience across multiple industries. We execute comprehensive assessments according to ISO 27001, deliver actionable and prioritized remediation recommendations, and guide the creation of your information security program to prepare for ISO certifications and recertifications. This results in accelerated implementation of your ISMS and easier maintenance of the program.

  • Speed and streamline ISO 27001 certification preparation
  • Meet stakeholder expectations for ISO certification
  • Get a holistic, framework approach to information security
  • Determine and improve your cybersecurity maturity level
  • Fulfill industry standards for information security
Achieve industry standards for cybersecurity and risk

Comprehensive assessments according to NIST CSF, NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-30 with documented, actionable, and prioritized remediation guidance. Engagements led by CISSP certified professionals with security experience across multiple industries.

  • Streamline and speed up the adoption of NIST framework and standards
  • Implementation of best practices for cybersecurity and risk
  • Meet stakeholder expectations for cybersecurity and risk management
  • Determine and improve your cybersecurity maturity level
  • A holistic, framework approach to cybersecurity and risk
Identify, isolate, and protect your sensitive data

Assessments for which data is affected by privacy regulations, where that data resides, and who may access the data for which purposes. Documented and detailed remediation guidance for meeting compliance with applicable privacy regulations. Provide guidance for the expanding list of state privacy regulations, including California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

  • Protect customers and their data
  • Address multiple privacy regulations simultaneously
  • Establish documented privacy policies and procedures
  • Address privacy as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance program

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