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Trust your agility and ability to scale your IT infrastructure 

Respond to business requirements, growth initiatives, and changing market conditions - when you need it, as you need it. 


Address sudden challenges, seize market opportunities in real-time

  • Improve IT responsiveness
  • Increase agility and scalability readiness
  • Gain visibility and self-service control
  • Enable faster data center and cloud scaling
  • Keep complete control and security with Flexential’s VMware Cloud Verified solution

Scale-up and down resources and datacenter footprints

Quickly deliver new capabilities and adjust to fluctuating business conditions or requirements

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Agility to act quickly and deliver new capabilities

Utilize modernization, automation, innovative tool-sets and Lean-Agile methodologies

Flexential Sustainability Scalability

Mitigate aging infrastructure

Increase swiftness with accessible data centers, colocation, space and power, and cloud services.

Give business faster responsiveness

The ability to respond with agility means everything to your organization. It empowers IT to deliver new capabilities to the organization, while remaining focused on adding business value and spending less time on platforms, operations and IT management.

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Quickly scale in any direction, according to demand

The market shifts quickly. The success of your business is dependent on your ability to react just as fast. Flexential’s scalable cloud solutions and cloud connectivity can quickly adjust to accommodate for unpredicted (or unplanned) requirements. With visibility, self-service control and automation, data center, and cloud resources are rapidly shifted to accommodate demand. When the market shifts, your business is ready to react.  

The solutions for more visibility and control

With Flexential’s comprehensive Hybrid IT portfolio, your business will have the tools to adapt and achieve new levels of visibility, agility, productivity, and connectivity. We deliver the ability to scale through tailored solutions architectured for your business needs today, and the future.

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It’s time for an upgrade

When the time arrives to refresh your IT, it’s the ideal opportunity to make it more agile. When you look at the big picture and modernize your infrastructure, you’ll improve the agility and scalability of your business and reduce technical debt in the process. By taking a holistic approach to your IT transformation, your business will be capable of adapting to whatever demand arises.

Analyst Insights

451 Research shares insights on hosted private cloud in achieving hybrid IT

Adoption of Hybrid IT strategies continue to grow, and for many organizations and applications, hosted private cloud will provide the best fit for varying requirements. 451 Research discusses today's business impact, and the future, of hosted private cloud for Hybrid IT.


Flexential helps leading businesses successfully adopt hybrid IT

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    Employers Council

    Employers Council deploys Flexential cloud and DRaaS to ensure the availability and data integrity to serve its members without interruption


    DRaaS and nightly backups protect data
    Flexible cloud adapts for growth and new system integrations
    Personalized partnership breeds confidence
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Powered by the FlexAnywhere™ Platform

We believe every client has their own unique challenges.  That's why we spend time to deeply understand your business goals and utilize our flexible platform to provide solutions that best match your needs.

The FlexAnywhere™ platform is Flexential’s integrated set of capabilities including colocation, cloud, connectivity, data protection, managed and professional services which delivers tailored hybrid IT solutions.