Providing agility and the ability to scale

Respond to business challenges, AI and ML growth initiatives, and changing market conditions with an agile infrastructure—scale when and where you need it with control and security.

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Slow response to market opportunities, launching new products, and growing competitors

Speed up your IT lifecycles for infrastructure investment, procurement, development, and deployment to capitalize on new business opportunities.

Private and multi-tenant cloud services that increase your capacity quickly while retaining security and reliability

Scale in any direction — up, out, in, or down — programmatically as forecasts shift and seasons of demand begin and end

Platform modernization and interoperability from a team of colocation, cloud, and scaling experts that understand your unique needs

19 major markets hosting highly redundant and interconnected data centers—with high-density power in key locations—for best-in-class time-to-revenue

Improve operational efficiency by 50% with faster and more reliable scaling on the FlexAnywhere® platform.

451 Research: Hosted private cloud is a foundational component of hybrid IT success

Read 451’s business impact brief—or watch our 6-min video—on modernizing applications, embracing cloud platforms, and how hosted private cloud best fits various application and business requirements.


Increasing agility and refreshing infrastructures

Support high-density deployments

Support AI, ML, and GPU deployments with high-density colocation and optimized space, power, and cooling efficiency.

High density deployments

Today’s high-performance AI and machine learning applications require more power to the chip, which few data centers can accommodate. Get the data sheet here.

Increase IT agility to meet new business needs

Cloud services that offer rich connectivity, platform modernization, and automation, supported by technical specialists for fast and reliable application roll-out.

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Meet new business needs in the evolving cloud landscape through consultative TCO modeling with our experts

Address and refresh aging infrastructures

Upgrade efficiently with turnkey cloud and colocation options in 19 major markets and unlock high performance compute potential that addresses the challenge of legacy infrastructures.

AAS infrastructure

The industry’s only hosted private cloud offering that provides full administrative control over the VMware vCenter server.

Key products and services

Begin your tailored hybrid IT journey with fully interoperable products and services ready for even the most unique IT ecosystems.


Our suite of cloud solutions provides the ability to scale in any direction on demand and improve business responsiveness. Protect data, maintain control, and optimize hybrid IT costs with best-in-class cloud options.


Get access to an industry-leading 100Gbps network backbone, hundreds of carriers, subsea cables and low-latency connections to cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

Data Protection

Protect your data, applications and infrastructure from disruptions using disaster recovery solutions as unique as your business requirements. Bolster your business resiliency with comprehensive and flexible disaster recovery.


Our strategically positioned colocation footprint features 40+ data centers across 19 high-growth markets and 300+ on-net carriers delivering secure, redundant, and efficient high-density power without the cost or responsibility of in-house data centers.

Cloud Migration and Strategy

Address every cloud journey stage at any maturity level—from assessing optimal workload placements to executing complex cloud migrations and transformations.

Have a unique challenge or growth opportunity? Reach out to our agility and ability to scale experts today.

The FlexAnywhere® Platform

FlexAnywhere®: Hybrid IT flexibility without compromise

The highly connected FlexAnywhere Platform delivers tailored infrastructure capabilities with automation, a pay-as-you-go model, and scalability for your business needs.

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“The Hosted Private Cloud - Advanced Access solution will give us the performance, control, and flexibility we need in a cloud environment without running the infrastructure. This allows my team to focus their efforts on projects that improve the customer experience and our profitability.”

John Carreno
Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Operations, ARS
The Flexential difference

Superior application reliability supported by two decades of hybrid IT experience 

Standardized deployments

Built to scale in any direction as seasonal demands and user densities change.

Interoperable and complementary services

Improve performance, reliability, and agility across your IT infrastructure.

Integration with 3rd party services and APIs

Address the unique needs of your entire ecosystem.

Read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Report

average customer ROI
reduced application downtime
increased operational efficiency

Accelerate your hybrid IT journey, reduce spend, and gain a trusted partner

Reach out with a question, business challenge, or infrastructure goal. We’ll provide a customized FlexAnywhere® solution blueprint.