Goals & Initiatives

Effective governance requires a focused and unwavering commitment. Our governance practices guide and support our corporate direction to help us devise and meet strategic goals, ensure the integrity of our operations and progress across our sustainability and DEIB goals to create a culture of collaboration, caring and inclusion for our customers, employees, partners and suppliers. We are committed to abiding by our governance and to promoting transparency across our ESG efforts.

Mature ESG compliance, policies and SOPs

Extensive and growing library of policies and procedures with ongoing training

Expand assessments and certifications

Compliance program reflecting the needs of thousands of customers across a variety of regulatory requirements

Green Financing Program

A market-leading commitment to aligning business growth and sustainability with transparency

Elements of Effective Governance

  • GRC Organization

    Flexential’s leadership has established an independent governance, risk and compliance organization under the audit committee of the board of directors. Through this initiative, Flexential maintains a team of professionals dedicated to operational governance, risk management, regulatory compliance, and security in support of our organization.

    Operational governance
    Risk management
    Regulatory compliance
  • Business Ethics

    A values-based culture guides Flexential in our commitment to delivering the highest quality service, demonstrating professionalism, operating with integrity, and making the right decisions. These attributes earn our customers’ trust and further our position as one of the world’s leading data center operators and managed services providers.

    Flexential's Vendor Code of Conduct was created to ensure our suppliers adhere to high standards of safe working conditions, fair and respectful treatment of employees, and ethical practices.

    Highest quality service
    Operating with integrity
  • Data Security & Privacy

    Flexential is focused on providing highly available, highly secure solutions for our customers. This security program extends through the physical security of our data centers, customer environments and personnel and into the realm of cybersecurity. Flexential maintains an extensive program to support the security and privacy of our customer’s data. This program is reflected in extensive third-party assessments and certifications.

    Comprehensive physical security and cybersecurity
    Extensive third-party assessments and certifications
  • Risk & Resilience

    Through ongoing risk assessments, Flexential is able to identify threats and vulnerabilities to the operations of the organization. Risk assessments are used to identify risks and focus efforts of mitigation plans and continuous operational improvement.

    Preparing for adverse conditions is critical to safely and effectively managing a data center environment. Whether a disaster is manmade or natural, Flexential customers rely on Flexential data centers and services to maintain critical operations. At Flexential, we take this preparedness seriously and plan upfront to mitigate (prevent or minimize) the impact a disaster can cause, not only on our own data center and network, but our customers’ business continuity as well.

    This level of preparedness involves significant upfront planning and on-going maintenance and assessment. We start with where and how we construct our data centers and follow through with how we train our team and the ongoing preventative measures and plans we put in place.

    Ongoing risk assessments
    Natural disaster preparedness
    Continuous planning and maintenance


HITRUST Certification

ISO 27000 Certification


SOC 1 Type 2 Assessment

SOC 2 Type 2 Assessment

SOC 3 Type 2 Assessment

ITAR Compliance Assessment

FISMA-High Assessment

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