Streamlined data center interconnection for multi-site deployments

Reduce complexity and add redundancy quickly and easily without the need for additional circuits. 

Interconnection - Interconnection Mesh
Simplify multi-site network connectivity

Flexential Interconnection Mesh is a multipoint transport service that simplifies multi-site network connectivity and provides built-in redundancy to ensure high-availability connections. It supports any-to-any types of connection to all other ports on the mesh network.

  • Keep up with growth-supporting business requirements by adding application capacity close to users in regional markets
  • Simplify the complexity and management of your network as new locations are added
  • Quickly add more redundant sites and services – without the need for additional configurations or multiple circuits
Increased reliability
Monitor bandwidth consumption with the Flexential Xperience Portal (FXP).
Quick, streamlined provisioning
Enable all ports to have access to all other ports across multiple data center sites for consistent availability.
Ease of expansion
Add redundancies, sites, and services without the need
for additional configuration.
Faster time to market
Decrease cost and complexity and reduce lengthy deployments with less carrier circuits.
Learn how to optimize network performance and connectivity in our best practices guide
Streamline the interconnection process

Flexential Interconnection Mesh empowers you to manage and scale your connectivity solutions and meet the ever-changing requirements associated with today’s digital landscape.

  • Multi-site, any-to-any connections
  • Inherent redundancy without the need for additional circuits or configuration
  • A Layer 3 VPN (L3VPN) option for total flexibility
  • Multiple bandwidth sizes in 1G increments
  • Fast deployment times – Five days or less
  • Ability to view utilization in the Flexential Xperience Portal (FXP)

Everything you need to achieve superior network performance & interconnection


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Get access to an industry-leading 100Gbps network backbone, hundreds of carriers, subsea cables and low-latency connections to cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.


Flexential Fabric

On-demand access to interconnection services for direct, secure connectivity to distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems through a single port.


Cloud Fabric

Access to secure, low-latency connections to leading cloud service providers with software-defined interconnections that automate the connection process.



Our strategically positioned colocation footprint features 40+ data centers across 19 high-growth markets and 300+ on-net carriers delivering secure, redundant, and efficient high-density power without the cost or responsibility of in-house data centers.

FlexAnywhere®: Hybrid IT flexibility without compromise

Flexential's highly connected FlexAnywhere® platform delivers tailored infrastructure with automation, a pay-as-you-go-and-grow model, and scalability for your business needs.

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reduced downtime

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