Local Edge Solution

Low latency, high-reliability network connectivity to the edge

Obtain local, ultra-low latency connectivity and 5G integration that supports the transport of data from the edge to the core and back again.


Deploy applications with ultra-low latency in metro markets with 5G networks

Flexential Local Edge empowers customers to deploy hardware and software very close to the end user or application—at the edge—in professionally designed, maintained and connected edge data centers. In conjunction with a partnership with American Tower, Flexential enables businesses to connect their customers with the lowest latency, highest security and most comprehensive network services possible. 

In addition, Flexential Local Edge allows customers to tap into Flexential Interconnection, which provides IP bandwidth, data center interconnect, hyperscale connectivity, Storage-as-a-Service, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service and more.


Edge computing solution for enhanced connectivity across networks

5G network integration supported by the transport of data from the edge to the core.

  •  Extensive connectivity options through a single provider  
  •  Connectivity from the edge to the core for full access to public clouds 
  •  Distributed environment with the reliability of core data center services 
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Fast access with Flexential Interconnection

Access to transport, IP Bandwidth, carriers, peering, storage, and compute via dedicated, private, and secure network.

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Closer to the customer with extensive services

Ultra low latency edge solutions with backhaul to large, highly secure and reliable data centers that provide large compute and storage solutions.