Flexential Interconnection

High performance core-to-edge connectivity anywhere

Reduce costs and eliminate the need for multiple, complex deployments by accessing a comprehensive range of carriers and high-standard cloud services from Flexential’s data center network fabric.


Highly connected, geographically distributed data centers put you one hop from anywhere

Leveraging Flexential’s reliable, proven connectivity fabric--known as Flexential Interconnection -- that distributes and receives data from multiple locations, is an important part of your edge strategy. Flexential Interconnection offers the powerful combination of a private 100Gbps network backbone, 14,000+ cross connects, 370+ on-net carriers, multiple cloud solutions and termination points for subsea cables to APAC and South America, and provides you with the industry’s most flexible core connectivity solution.

Network-based applications, the Internet of things, AI and Machine Learning, which move massive amounts of data between applications and users, requires a new level of flexibility for IT infrastructure. Flexential Interconnection enables you to more easily manage services at the edge, while connecting them back to centralized compute resources or cloud environments.

Features & Benefits

Fast, Accessible and Secure

Flexential Interconnection enables you to elastically adjust capacity, easily integrate new technologies and move data from your core network to the edge of the internet.

  • 100% network uptime and bandwidth commitment 
  • Proactive DDoS protection with managed IP bandwidth services 
  • Cloud connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle
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Eliminates complex network deployments

Single contract, single point of contact streamlines management 

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Provides regulatory compliance

Centralized compliance certifications and audit processes 

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Supports IT-intensive businesses

Network solutions can easily be tailored to meet your evolving requirements

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Reduces risk of fail over

Fewer network hops takes you there faster and more reliably