Disaster happens – partner with the best to beat the consequences

Whether natural or human made, IT disasters are unpredictable -- and often unavoidable.

Too often, an organization finds itself unprepared when the unexpected happens. When your business leaves itself open to unnecessary risk, the costs can add up fast: from downtime and data loss to reputation damage and client distrust.

A solid IT disaster recovery strategy helps you manage risk and costs. Effective disaster recovery encompasses coordinated plans, procedures and technical measures that safeguard data integrity, ensure quick system recovery and maintain business continuity.

Flexential helps organizations like yours safeguard the integrity of their IT infrastructure, applications and data against disaster.

Our seasoned disaster recovery experts apply optimized solutions to implement scalable, flexible, secure disaster recovery without requiring changes to existing IT infrastructure. Our disaster recovery services include design, management and support for successful recovery efforts based on your unique infrastructure, application set and business requirements.

Features and benefits

Features of disaster recovery

  • Recovery cloud – Scalable, reliable disaster recovery as a service platform; replicate your virtual machines to a geographically diverse disaster recovery site, for fast, accurate disaster recovery
  • Disaster recovery planning and consulting – Customized disaster recovery and business continuity strategy designed for your business requirements and compliance needs
  • Database recovery – Disaster recovery solutions and services for SQL server and open source databases; includes consultative design, monitoring and runbook documentation for failing over and back
  • Backup and recovery – Vital backups, offsite backup storage and backup encryption help ensure successful data maintenance and restoration and support compliance and retention requirements

Benefits of disaster recovery

  • Protect your mission-critical IT infrastructure
  • Maintain data integrity and accuracy
  • Preserve your company’s reputation with customers and partners
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations
  • Maintain employee productivity and your organization’s ability to generate revenue

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What our customers say
“Every company should have a disaster recovery plan, but the question is always, ‘how much can I implement effectively and affordably?’ With Flexential Disaster Recovery, we can afford a higher level of data protection for more of our servers.”
Dean Spencer, VP of IT, Crescent Communities