What is vulnerability and risk assessment?

While vulnerability indicates a gap in IT protection; risk describes the potential for loss, damage or destruction of a system or asset as a result the exploitation of a vulnerability.

Vulnerability and risk assessment helps you identify areas of vital concern, pinpoint opportunities for exploitation and guide effective risk mitigation and disaster recovery plans.

Understand your security gaps and position your business to thrive

Each day brings new headlines about incidents of successful exploits against vulnerable IT systems. Cybercrime, fraud, DDoS, ransomware, hackers – the list goes on. Natural events like hurricanes and earthquakes take their toll as well. In this chaotic environment, no organization is safe and no system is 100% secure.

The vulnerability of a system or asset is related to its susceptibility to exploitation or damage. Managing IT risk means understanding vulnerabilities and potential hazards, and knowing what to do when disaster strikes.

Do you know what makes your company a target for attacks? Are you adequately prepared against natural disaster? What if your customer data becomes compromised? What happens if a security breach goes public? What will you do if you face the choice between forfeiting ransom and paying recovery costs?

Risk assessments are a crucial line of defense. Flexential security risk assessment and disaster recovery services can help you prevent attacks and exploits, and minimize the fallout if the worst should happen.

Our team of professionals helps organizations like yours plan, prepare and thrive. We work with you to build a thorough understanding of the environment and threat landscape and determine your current overall security posture based on industry best practices. The Flexential team can quickly assess the effectiveness of your policies and provide actionable strategies for mitigating weaknesses.