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Better patient experiences and lower costs with innovative portal solutions

HealthTrio leverages hybrid IT solution to deliver web-based technology that improves user experiences and effectively navigates the intricate healthcare landscape. 


“Flexential has been ahead of the curve at all stages of our long-term business – from completing SOC audits to HITRUST and HIPAA compliance. Every time HealthTrio has grown or changed our business strategy or requirements, Flexential has been there, ahead of us and ready to rise to the challenge. It has been an evolutionary path for both of us – collaborative and complementary.” 


The solution

Hybrid IT product suite enables innovation that simplifies the healthcare landscape 

HealthTrio was presented with the challenge of meeting the demanding, burgeoning security and privacy requirements within the budget of a start-up enterprise. As a solution, the organization tapped Flexential to deliver colocation services to meet these needs and provide a high-growth environment. 

More than 20 years later, HealthTrio continues to utilize Flexential colocation to support these needs. With its production workloads operating out of the Flexential Salt Lake City - Downtown data center, HealthTrio achieves the reliability, resilience and security required to conduct business in the highly regulated healthcare space. Flexential colocation services also offer the scalability and flexibility HealthTrio needed to transform its business from a start-up to an industry leader. 

Throughout this partnership, HealthTrio has supplemented its IT strategy with additional Flexential services. To safeguard patient records, the organization used Flexential professional services to help devise, plan, implement and test its disaster recovery solution. Today, HealthTrio uses Flexential disaster recovery as a service to replicate its data and applications to the Denver – Englewood data center to ensure the integrity of its operations and the sensitive health data it stores. 

The results

Businesses and consumers benefit from HealthTrio’s portal services 

Flexential’s reliable, secure infrastructure continues to enable HealthTrio to deliver robust, modular solutions that increase transparency, communication and collaboration. This infrastructure also provides a powerful end-user experiences, offering seamless, rapid access to billing, health records, care providers and more. Its built-in power and cooling redundancies further promote this high level of availability and resilience. 

“With the IT infrastructure, security and compliance efficiently and reliably handled by Flexential, we are able to deliver our web-based solutions that decrease operating costs while increasing access, inspiring better healthcare consumers, and driving provider performance and quality care outcomes,” added Kobran. 

Flexential’s highly scalable environment has also been able to support HealthTrio’s tremendous growth and evolving needs. “Flexential has been ahead of the curve at all stages of our long-term business—whether it be completing SOC audits or HITRUST and HIPAA compliance,” said Kobran. “Every time HealthTrio has grown or changed our business strategy or requirements, Flexential has been there, ready to rise to the challenge. It has been on an evolutionary path for both of us—collaborative and complementary.” 

Flexential data center experts also alleviate HealthTrio’s internal IT team of expensive and time-consuming data center management functions, allowing it to dedicate more time to innovating healthcare applications. 

Cloud services tapped to bolster scalability and focus it team on strategic path

Passing the 20 year mark, HealthTrio continues to grow and expand its business, entering new markets that present new challenges in scalability and security. In order to expand rapidly without compromising service, HealthTrio is moving to Flexential managed services and cloud solutions. 

This approach to IT infrastructure will enable HealthTrio to quickly scale up and down to accommodate both smaller businesses and larger enterprises, and grow its customer base. Leveraging this highly scalable cloud solution will further alleviate HealthTrio’s internal IT team of the time-consuming tasks of managing its existing server environment, allowing them to devote even more time to software development. 

“Our business strategy does not include being an expert in the infrastructure industry,” said Kobran. “By having Flexential host our services through the cloud, we can focus on developing innovative software in the healthcare space.” 

Over the 20-year relationship, HealthTrio has been pleased with the security, flexibility and reliability Flexential has delivered. “Flexential has been an extension of my team and a great partner—extending the abilities of my team by leaning into Flexential when we needed additional help,” expressed Kobran. “We can count on Flexential to meet our needs, no matter what it is.” 


HealthTrio, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions provider, is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-performance, web-based applications that improve experiences for healthcare providers, their members, employers and brokers nationwide. As the first company to deliver a healthcare portal solution more than 20 years ago, HealthTrio has been a longstanding leader in developing technology solutions that simplify the complex healthcare arena and meet constantly evolving business and regulatory demands. HealthTrio’s SaaS online solutions support the country’s top-rated health plans, administrators, and integrated delivery networks to drive value-based care, payment transformations, member and provider engagement, and improved health outcomes. 

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