Extend your IT team to boost efficiency, resource allocation and response time

Managed Colocation is all about optimizing your IT resources.

Is your company on a growth trajectory that requires you to free up valuable IT resources for more strategic initiatives? Or, does your internal IT team simply lack the time or expertise to manage and maintain your colocation effectively?

Companies like yours setup Flexential Managed Colocation when:

  • Internal IT resources lack the time or expertise to perform routine technical tasks within your physical IT environment
  • You’re shifting to a hybrid IT model (e.g., combination of cloud-based and on-premise IT environments) to improve productivity and financial stability
  • Your organization needs help moving to a colocation environment
  • Business requirements mandate IT staff dedicated to revenue-focused initiatives

We can work with your team to assist with all facets of colocation planning and logistics, making it simple and easy to outsource tasks to our managed colocation professionals. Our ITIL-certified data center technicians are available 24/7 to quickly implement changes, correct issues and perform the routine duties of overseeing your physical environment.

You can rely on the power of our people to help create value and treat your infrastructure as if it were our own.

Features and benefits

Features of managed colocation

  • 24/7/365 hands-on support to quickly and professionally complete tasks
  • Access to ITIL-certified data center technicians
  • Data migration and monitoring services
  • Cabling and wiring, shipping and receiving
  • Options to engage Flexential Remote Hands and Professional Services

Benefits of managed colocation

  • Free up your internal IT staff to focus on strategic, revenue-driving initiatives
  • Enhance cash flow and strengthen your financial options with flexible monthly payment structures
  • Reduce risk and maximize the value of your existing technology investments
  • Ensure business continuity and guarantee the security of your systems

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What our customers say
“If something happens, I don’t have to go look for it. Someone from Flexential stands up and says, ‘Here’s what’s going on.’ That forthcoming and transparency gives me a lot of comfort. I’m managing four different data center locations and I sleep well at night.”
IT Director, Biopharmaceutical Company