August 2022

Not one solution fits everyone's needs and there are always hurdles to overcome. But taking the time to understand the needs and how they will fit into a long-term partnership is what we are here for.  

July 2022

In a highly connected world that depends on data moving reliably and quickly, an unavailable network moves nothing. High latency can slow traffic to a crawl, causing business disruption and poor user experiences. Join Erin Pak and Tom Myers, our Regional VP, with guest David Liggitt from datacenterHawk, a platform that helps people make better data center decisions.

June 2022

Last month we were at the International Telecoms Week held in Washington DC discussing the importance of the networks to our customers and was able to sit with Sean Iraca, Principal & Founder at Double Time Consulting to hear some real-world use cases.

In this FlexTalk, we discuss:

  • Impacts of latency
  • The new world of AI/IoT
  • Performance and improved latency
May 2022

Looking for a solution to respond to customers' needs?

Our Professional Services team shares the transformation to meet the needs of Application Performance and Reliability and what it takes. Flexential is able to custom tailor the needs to digitally transform operations, enhancing the availability and resilience of services and applications. We are able to include security and resiliency in your blueprint as well as provide precise solutions for your needs. 

April 2022

We hear from IT leaders that a vital aspect of their success is keeping business-critical applications not just up and running but achieving peak performance. It’s a constant challenge to meet required uptimes and manage costs—while maintaining the high performance that is expected in today’s digital-first world. Our proven FlexAnywhereTM Solutions platform is solving these kinds of industry concerns every day.

March 2022

In this special edition of FlexTalk, Chris Downie, Chief Executive Officer, and Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer, discuss the herculean task of balancing business recovery and fueling growth, all while maintaining flexibility in a permanent Hybrid IT world.   As we all reflect on the challenges of the past two years and look to the future to accommodate new realities, driving growth has never been a more complicated mission. Traditional playbooks will not suffice.

February 2022

In this FlexTalk, we discuss workload placement and some of the advantages and disadvantages of public cloud versus private cloud options. Your business is fluid—find the best options to fit your scale and growth plans.

Watch now to learn more about workload placement and different cloud options.

January 2022

Flexential introduced its industry-leading Advanced vCenter Access solution this year to address the organizational need to maintain control over the vCenter hypervisor. Now, Flexential has enhanced this industry-first product to make cloud migrations faster, easier, and devoid of downtime with its new advanced migration feature.  Join us as Derek Siler - Solutions Engineer discusses the extensible platform.