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Advanced vCenter Access

Full Customer Control and Management of vCenter

The industry’s only cloud offering that allows customers to have full administrative control over the provider-owned vCenter to fully manage and control workloads as the needs of your environment change.

Product Overview

Full Customer Control and Management of vCenter

Advanced vCenter Access is the industry’s only hosted private cloud offering that allows you to have full administrative control over the provider-owned VMware vCenter server. This capability allows customers to utilize tools that require access to cloud administration domain functionality and enables a greater degree of personalization within a virtual environment. While customers will be provided with significantly more access to the cloud computing infrastructure, Flexential will perform the initial configuration, ensuring the solution is compliant and secure up to the hypervisor level, and provide ongoing management of the shared hypervisor.


Interoperability and Compatibility with Industry-Leading Third-Party Tools

  • Allows customers to fully manage vCenter and third-party applications or plug-ins on top of infrastructure
  • Provides direct access and permissions to do configuration of management server through vCenternothing is locked down or unconfigurable by the customer

  • Customers can leverage familiar, industry-standard tools to manage workloads and backups 

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Advanced Permissions

Provides advanced permissions for customers that want to enable solutions like backup, Desktop-as-a-Service, or utilizing DevOps tools in the same manner as they would on-premise

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Full Control

Optimal for customers that want to be able to have same level of access and control as they do on their on-premise solutions

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Automated Deployments

Easily control and automate application deployments and updates with the ability to scale applications and their resources rapidly

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Configuration Management

Direct access to vCenter allows customers to perform configuration management as well as monitor and manage cluster capacity proactively