Reliable Performance Delivered Through our Technical Assistance Associates Video

Flexential stands for something not often seen in the technology industry: the human touch. Meet our technical assistance associates who deliver reliable performance every day at our fleet of 41 data centers for customers.

Flexential has always been deeply committed to the success of our customers. We deliver a world-class customer experience through deep technical expertise, enterprise-class facilities, solutions and infrastructure and, most importantly, a team of 800+ who demonstrate the power of people in a technical world.

We know that the best infrastructure solutions aren’t about infrastructure – they’re about people. Technology is enhanced when someone cares to ask the right questions, go the extra mile and think ahead to what’s coming.

Our technical assistance associates are trained to troubleshoot any customer issues that may arise. They monitor our customers’ infrastructure and ensure the environment is performing at its fullest potential. They also provide ongoing customer support to deliver service excellence to our customers and enable them to focus on driving their business forward.

The power of our people and technology rests on the trust we’ve built with our customers to collaborate and create the best IT solutions for their business. We partner closely with our customers to position their IT to positively impact their customers and users. Our values and guiding principles are showcased not only in our products and services but also in the “Flexperts” like technical assistance associates that maintain and operate our 41 data centers across the U.S. and into Canada.

“When we hire folks, we’re looking for folks that have a high level of customer engagement, they have that technical knowledge, but they care about the customer,” said Doug Garrett, technical assistance manager for Flexential. “They are helping our customers, they help each other out. It’s their consistency and attention to detail that allows Flexential to deliver reliable performance.”

Take a minute now to meet a few technical assistance associates on our team. If you’d like to learn more about the services offered at a data center near you, visit our data centers page.

Reliable Performance Delivered Through our Technical Assistance Associates Video

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