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Charting a path in the Broadcom-VMware landscape: A strategic roadmap for IT leaders

In the wake of the Broadcom acquisition of VMware, IT leaders are facing critical decisions about the future of their technology infrastructure. To effectively navigate this situation, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate your current environment and explore alternative solutions, such as public cloud providers or other hypervisors.

04 / 23 / 2024
3 minute read
Charting a path

Recently, Flexential was named a Pinnacle Partner, the highest program level in the Broadcom Advantage Partner program. This designation signifies deep technological know-how and proficiency in addressing the most intricate customer issues, such as disaster recovery, scalability, connectivity, and infrastructure management.

We asked our experts to lay out how they would recommend navigating the recent changes—here’s their strategic roadmap to guide IT leaders through this pivotal moment:

  • Evaluate the fit of VMware: Assess if VMware aligns with the organization’s long-term strategy and consider alternative options like public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle) or other hypervisors such as Nutanix AHV, Proxmox, or Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Inventory and commitment implications: Take stock of your current IT environment to understand the impact of transitioning to a VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) subscription bundle and the implications of a 3 to 5-year commitment.
  • Leverage VMware Cloud Foundation features: Explore the potential of leveraging features within the VMware Cloud Foundation subscription, such as NSXT and micro-segmentation, and assess internal capabilities to support these features.
  • Cost savings and reallocation: Consider deploying a FinOps tool to achieve cost savings in the public cloud, potentially reallocating those savings to cover unexpected expenses or new projects.
  • Workload environment assessment: Initiate internal conversations about the future state of workloads, evaluating whether they are best suited for the public cloud, on-premises, or a private cloud provider, with the principle of letting the workload dictate its optimal environment.
  • Skill set evaluation: Assess the existing skill sets within the organization and explore the possibility of upskilling existing personnel or looking externally for necessary skills.
  • Exploring partnerships: Consider partnering with external organizations to address skill gaps and leverage their expertise in new technologies.
  • Assessment of new technologies: Conduct a thorough assessment to determine if leveraging new technologies like VSAN is advantageous for the organization.
  • Proactive change management: Develop a comprehensive plan to address potential gaps in deploying new technologies and to stay ahead of forthcoming changes, ensuring a smooth transition.

As IT leaders navigate the VMware by Broadcom situation, it’s key to adopt a proactive and strategic approach. By carefully evaluating existing infrastructure, exploring alternative solutions, and aligning technology choices with long-term business objectives, organizations can effectively steer through this period of transition and emerge stronger and more resilient.

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