Flexential Helps Western National Insurance Pursue Digital Transformation

Scalability and flexibility were key to Western National’s choice of Flexential for hybrid IT solutions. Flexential data centers combine enterprise-grade, redundant power and cooling systems, robust power density capabilities, flexible space agreements as well as an industry-leading portfolio of network connectivity solutions.


“We are a company that helps put people’s lives back together after a tragic event,” said Michael Braun, senior vice president of information systems at Western National Insurance, a super-regional property and casualty company based in Minneapolis. “We choose to do business with companies that share our values of integrity, flexibility and adaptability.”

Additionally, Western National was attracted to Flexential given its compliant colocation and cloud capabilities. The company appreciates that Flexential can help navigate changing and increasing regulatory requirements, said Braun.

“Like a lot of companies, Western National is looking to the cloud to increase flexibility and agility,” said Braun. “We’ve moved major core systems into the cloud with Flexential’s help. We did it with the confidence that it’s a secure environment and it’s well managed – in the way we would want to manage it.”

The partnership with Flexential positions Western National to optimize evolving technology requirements and innovations for years to come.

“We weren’t just selling power and space,” said Shawn Barth, director of sales for Flexential. “We were selling a long-term partnership to help them with their IT for a long, long time.”

“We are pulled in a thousand different directions,” said Braun. “If I can take something and box it and say I don’t have to worry that much about it, it actually likes my job a lot easier.”

Flexential Helps Western National Insurance Pursue Digital Transformation

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