Forrester Report: Architecting your infrastructure for AI

As generative AI (genAI) took center stage in 2023, it brought with it a paradigm shift in the digital infrastructure landscape, a movement Forrester has captured in their December 2023 best practice report.

Written from an architect’s point of view, this complimentary report is an essential primer for infrastructure professionals who are at the forefront of adapting and evolving their systems to meet the rigorous demands of genAI. With data teams crafting ever-more sophisticated models, the onus falls on these professionals to provide the resilient backbone that these technologies require.

Highlights of the report:

  • Forrester’s experts take on genAI’s infrastructure impact
  • Strategies to manage use-case-specific requirements
  • How to maximize resources and navigate supply constraints
  • Proactive approaches for infrastructure scaling and agility

Equip yourself with the foresight and tools necessary to thrive in the age of artificial intelligence.

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Navigating genAI infrastructure

Dive into the full report now and arm yourself with the knowledge to build and manage a robust, AI-ready infrastructure that’s not just effective but is also resilient against the tides of rapid innovation. This report is tailored to help infrastructure professionals from varied backgrounds, whether seasoned in AI systems or new to the game, to make informed, strategic decisions for their organization and embrace the genAI revolution with confidence.

Forrester AI Report

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