Flexential Delivers a Seamless Cloud Experience with Rubrik

August 30, 2016

Guest Blog with Rubrik:

What differentiates Flexential from other Managed Service Providers?
We have designed the client centric approach to optimize the cloud experience and provide customers with the ongoing support and guidance needed to achieve success in business. What makes Flexential unique is our belief that we are not our clients’ vendor, but rather an extension of our clients’ teams working toward the success of their business in the cloud. This experience, coupled with our enterprise class infrastructure and facilities across the United States and Europe, allow us to design and implement custom server configurations that other MSP’s cannot deploy.

Our advantage over other MSP’s is the way we approach our projects with our clients. The insight that we bring to the conversation is backed by over 15 years of managed hosting expertise, so we have extensive experience in configuration decisions, troubleshooting, and planning for the future needs of our clients through our Client Success program.

What led you to Rubrik?
It has been a challenge finding a solution that helps execute our vision. The growing complexity, cost, and time with our current backup offering initiated our search for a different solution. What attracted us to Rubrik was that it was built for cloud and easy to scale. Additionally, the product’s API-first architecture and policy driven automation allows for Rubrik’s unique intelligence within the system. Rubrik will provide us with a seamless backup solution that quickly and easily permits the restoration of data for our clients.

How are you using Rubrik in the services you deliver to customers?
Rubrik’s key differentiators are its instant recovery feature, predictive search, and archival capabilities. Rubrik will allow us to provide an efficient backup solution for our cloud clients. Rubrik also offers near-instant recovery of VMs, allowing our clients to get back online more quickly after a restore.

What are you most excited about with Rubrik?
With Rubrik, we can spend less time focusing on building backup infrastructure and more time designing and maintaining solutions for our clients.