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Cyber Security Services

Security experts to reduce risk and future-proof your IT assets

Minimize cyber threat vulnerabilities and protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data with the advanced technology, encryption, process and vigilance of your dedicated team.


Your IT environment always secure and compliant

Security and compliance go hand-in-hand. Assessing the effectiveness of your organization’s security defense framework is critical to meet most compliance standards, but industry-specific requirements and organizational needs require a personalized approach and plan.

Flexential certified security experts have cross-industry expertise in helping companies like yours improve your security intelligence, controls and processes, avoid incidents, minimize damage and quickly restore operations when an attack occurs.

Cyber security solutions delivered by certified IT experts
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    Vulnerability Assessments
    A roadmap for effective security initiatives

    Assess your organization’s current security stage based on industry standards and best practices and augment your security service initiatives to mitigate risks and maintain compliance.  

    IT Security and Compliance Assessments (HIPAA, PCI ROC, ISO, NIST)
    Risk Assessments
    Ransomware Readiness Assessments
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    Penetration Testing
    Testing is essential for a mature information security program

    Validate the efficiency of existing security controls and test applications or environments for potential vulnerabilities that may be the result of incorrect hardware or software configuration or an operational weaknesses.

    Critical Infrastructure and Active Directory
    Web, API and Mobile Applications
    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Social Engineering
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    Security Management
    A management strategy that goes beyond technology

    Ensure the effectiveness of your IT function by going beyond understanding the technology layer. Develop a strong security management plan that encompasses communication between business units, KPIs, process standardization and repeatability, and cost and schedule management.

    Remediation and Security Transformation
    Cybersecurity Program Management
    Incident Response and Forensics
    Vulnerability scanning and management
    Security Awareness Training