Chief Innovation Officer
Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer
Jason is in a unique position to focus on next-generation technologies and their impact on colocation, interconnection, hybrid cloud and edge computing strategies. He and his team translate the market trends into strategic initiatives that inform the investment decisions across the company’s product development and go-to-market strategies. A seasoned speaker, Jason also maintains executive management of Flexential Professional Services, a growing team of consulting architects, project managers and engineers who assist organizations with complex transformations initiatives. With over 20+ years of industry experience, Jason joined the company in 2011 and has held various leadership roles in product, operations and technical management.

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Flexential recently took part in two industry conferences – Amazon Web Services re:Invent and Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference.
In today’s dynamic IT landscape, organizations must act nimbly in order to keep pace with evolving demands and maintain a competitive advantage.
As the world enters what many see as the 4th industrial revolution, our access to data and the consumption of information have never been greater. Sensors, IoT (internet of things) devices and video platforms are being deployed at an astronomical rate, generating more data than we have ever consumed. IDC estimates by next year the digital universe will generate 44 zettabytes of data – four times the amount from four years ago.
The mere mention of the word “downtime” strikes fear in the hearts of many IT leaders, and opening Pandora’s Box to investigate the true costs associated with a critical infrastructure outage can be paralyzing. How do you begin?
Hype and anticipation surrounding 5G technology have been reaching a fevered pitch for the past 12-18 months, but 5th generation cellular wireless is still in its nascency. While the standards body completed the rules for standalone 5G in June 2018, few handsets supporting 5G protocols will be available before 2020.
One of our favorite things to do late in the year is to reflect on what occurred over the past 12 months and try to predict what the game changers will be for the following year. Here are six IT initiatives trending in 2019, helping enterprises stay relevant, reduce costs and optimize the customer experience.
If you attended one or both of the IT industry’s key technology conferences in Las Vegas recently, you likely came away with two general messages: (1) The cloud, specifically AWS, is out to consume nearly every IT workload it can and (2) Complex challenges persist around IT governance and hybrid IT deployment.
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