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Revolutionizing AI accessibility with Flexential high-density colocation

Flexential is at the forefront of unlocking generative AI's potential for our customers. With a commitment to high-density infrastructure that scales beyond the traditional deployment of GPUs, Flexential is the launchpad for applications that demand scalability.

03 / 25 / 2024
4 minute read
AI Accessibility

Read several real-world success stories from CoreWeave, Applied Digital, and AutoNation, and explore how Flexential data centers are high-density by design, bringing AI to the nexus of cloud, data, and compute.

CoreWeave: A leap forward in GPU-accelerated cloud services

CoreWeave, a vanguard in GPU-accelerated cloud services, has broadened its horizons with two new colocation facilities in the heart of Oregon and Georgia. These expansions, built on the backbone of Flexential resilient infrastructure, underscore a strategic commitment to meet the escalating demand for high-performance cloud infrastructure.

Each facility boasts a robust power allocation of 9MW, tailored to the intense requirements of CoreWeave operations. Our advanced networking capabilities are helping weave the company's specialized computing needs with robust infrastructure capabilities.

“The Flexential expertise and proven track record of delivering high-density capacity on demand made them the prime pick for us, […] helping us meet the explosive demand for high-performance cloud infrastructure to power AI workloads.”

— Brian Venturo, Chief Technology Officer, CoreWeave

By enhancing its computing efficiency and maintaining the agility required to adapt to the dynamic demands of AI and machine learning sectors, CoreWeave is poised to supercharge its growth trajectory while infusing high-wage tech opportunities into the local economies. Read More

Applied Digital and Flexential: Forging AI's future

The Flexential collaboration with Applied Digital marks a significant stride in the high-performance computing (HPC) landscape. Embracing our FlexAnywhere™ Platform, Applied Digital rapidly deployed high-density computing resources, including cutting-edge NVIDIA H100 GPUs, to catalyze their AI cloud services.

This partnership is highlighted by a significant contract with a top-tier AI/NLM software firm, underscoring the essential role of Flexential data center solutions in fueling Applied Digital's ascent.

"NVIDIA highly recommended Flexential, and as an NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center provider, we have confidence in their ability to support the high-density GPU deployments of today’s demanding AI workloads. As we head into the future, data centers that are able to support the high-density demands of HPC clusters will offer the perfect foundation to propel AI and ML applications forward.” 

— Michael Maniscalo, Chief Technology Officer at Applied Digital

With Applied Digital's deployment of a substantial 7.5MW across three markets—part of which is already operational—this partnership epitomizes the collaboration between efficient high-density computing and the advancing needs of AI initiatives. Read More

AutoNation: Reimagining disaster recovery with high-density solutions

The AutoNation journey reveals how high-density colocation can reinvent disaster recovery (DR) paradigms. Challenged by the limitations of their previous cloud-based DR solutions, AutoNation sought a robust infrastructure capable of shouldering their complex, compute-intensive applications.

Flexential Texas data center, designed to exceed the norm with high-density capabilities, emerged as the perfect solution. Our facility's architecture, including elevated ceilings and maximized floor space, was pivotal in enabling AutoNation not only to meet but exceed its computing needs.

“Flexential was able to achieve for us what few providers could. A high-density DR environment at one of its newest and most innovative data centers.” 

— Adam Rasner, VP, Technology Operations, AutoNation

As a result, AutoNation transformed its DR environment from a sprawling 20-cabinet arrangement to a compact and powerful 7-cabinet setup. This transition exemplifies how high-density colocation can lead to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. Read Their Story

Looking to the horizon

These stories are just the beginning. They reflect a shared vision where advanced data center solutions are not merely a technical necessity but a strategic enabler for operational and business excellence. With Flexential high-density colocation services, companies like CoreWeave, Applied Digital, and AutoNation are not just keeping up with technological demands—they are setting new benchmarks for what is possible.

Your AI initiatives deserve an infrastructure that can propel them forward with unmatched speed and scalability. Flexential is that infrastructure. Discover more about Flexential data center solutions and join the ranks of AI frontrunners who are redefining the boundaries of possibility.

Ready to amplify your AI capabilities with high-density colocation services? Let’s discuss how we can support your growth in the ever-expanding universe of AI.

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