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The evolution of data security and AI

Increased focus on security and multi-cloud strategies

03 / 29 / 2024
4 minute read
The evolution of security

The integration of data centers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining how businesses approach their infrastructure strategies. In our latest FlexTalk webinar titled Data centers in the AI era: Emerging trends and strategies, we convened a panel of Flexential experts to explore significant trends, offering insights and forecasts for the coming year.

James Ochoa, VP of Cloud, guided the conversation through various critical topics, such as enhanced data center functions, cybersecurity obstacles, the adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid frameworks, the influence of AI on businesses, disaster recovery approaches, and the urgent requirement for eco-friendly practices in the construction of data centers.

Here, we summarize the panel’s insights on two critical themes: security and multi-cloud strategies. They highlight the need for intensified security protocols against AI-driven threats and the shift towards multi-cloud setups prompted by data privacy laws and regulatory needs, as well as the integration of AI within business operations, its impact on IT governance, and the formulation of disaster recovery strategies, emphasizing the essential role of edge computing and the adaptability of data center solutions.

Security in focus

A standout insight from the discussion was the notable surge in security challenges, especially the swift escalation of advanced phishing attacks, with many fueled by AI technologies. The panelists emphasized the need for companies to cultivate a security-centric culture that goes beyond simple compliance requirements. They stressed the critical need for ongoing security training across all levels of the organization, from the newest recruits to the highest-ranking executives, which is vital for enhancing cybersecurity measures given the constantly changing nature of threats.

“You know, it’s something that at the end of the day, it’s the human. You have to make sure that you’re not just doing security awareness training on an annual basis to go meet some compliance requirement, that you’re really creating a culture around security first and a security mindset all the way to the CEO level. And that certainly is with us the case.”

—Jason Carolan, CINO, Flexential

Multi-cloud strategies and Flexential Fabric

The conversation then shifted to the development of cloud technologies and the impact of Flexential Fabric on multi-cloud strategies, highlighted as a pivotal innovation that enables effortless integration of both public and private resources. This breakthrough facilitates the simplification of IT frameworks, offering a unified platform for the deployment of diverse cloud infrastructure services, data security, and networking solutions.

“Flexential Fabric is really the evolution of cloud. and when we started to think about cloud several years ago, it was public versus private. Flexential Fabric is going to be bringing that together where you're going to have the ability to drive single port provisioning to public and private assets and really start to flatten the overall IT stack out there for companies that want to consume not only those cloud infrastructure capabilities, data protection, network services, and then link multiple regions inside the United States together.”

—Ryan Mallory, Chief Operating Officer, Flexential

Experts shared their excitement for the possibilities this strategy presents, foreseeing its role in optimizing business processes and increasing adaptability for companies.

AI’s Role in business transformation:

With companies increasingly adopting AI-powered solutions, the conversation addressed the responsibilities of service providers and their clients. The panel pointed out the critical need for a collaborative relationship between technology partners and customers to ensure seamless integration of advanced AI functionalities. Additionally, the necessity for developers to utilize the most current technologies was highlighted, underlining AI’s contribution to improving real-time analytics and fostering innovation.

Disaster recovery as a strategic priority

In the face of escalating ransomware incidents, Pat Doherty, CRO, stressed that disaster recovery should not only be a reactive measure but an integral part of an organization’s strategy. The experts emphasized the importance of allocating funds, developing, and evaluating effective disaster recovery strategies, and cultivating an ethos of ongoing enhancement. They advocated for businesses to make resilience a core aspect of their organizational culture, acknowledging the financial implications of operational interruptions and their potentially extensive effects on business ecosystems.

“The last thing you want to do regarding your disaster recovery preparedness is to wait for an event. That's the wrong time. It's already way too late. So, the first thing is exhibiting leadership as a leadership team; people need to come together and understand the necessity for that plan. You've got to go earmark the budget for it. You can't wait for an event to happen because I guarantee it’s going to cost a lot more to recover from it than it is just to go build a plan upfront. So, it's about building a plan, testing that plan, understanding where the vulnerabilities are. It’s got to be a continuous improvement type of exercise and really making it part of the corporate culture to say we’re going to go build resilience within our organization.”

Patrick Doherty, Chief Revenue Officer, Flexential


This webinar provided key insights into the potential challenges and opportunities businesses are expected to face in 2024 regarding their infrastructure management. It underscored the critical importance of a comprehensive approach encompassing strengthened security measures, thoughtful multi-cloud strategies, effective AI integration, and proactive disaster recovery plans, all crucial for organizations in refining their data center tactics to thrive in the AI-driven era.

Watch the entire FlexTalk, on-demand, to get all the insights and predictions for the next era in data centers.

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