Flexential Sustainability

Going Beyond Four Walls to Build a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is in Our DNA


At Flexential, we believe that to thrive and win in the competitive marketplace you need a partner whose IT infrastructure solutions and expertise go beyond the traditional four walls of a data center to embody the hybrid IT approach your business needs today—and will need in the future.

Going beyond four walls includes a focused effort on ensuring the entire lifecycle of Flexential’s facilities is designed and executed with sustainability in mind, and that our company and employees support socially responsible efforts in the communities where we live and work.

Flexential Sustainability Scalability

Scalability & Efficiency

  • Designed with an industry low PUE objective of 1.3; regularly maintains an average PUE of 1.25 
  • Operates within ASHRAE recommended standards for humidity control
  • Designed with a WUE of zero
  • Utilizes facility-wide Energy Star efficiency-rated UPS systems 

Cooling Plants

  • Utilizes Flexential’s own NextGEN SuperCRAC cooling system to maximize efficiency in terms of kw per ton of cooling for both the unit that supports air cooling as well as the unit that supports liquid cooling
  • Does not utilize water for data center operations—including cooling
  • Standby diesel generators are equipped with oxidization catalysts in order to reduce carbon particulate pollution to minimums that are well below the State of Oregon’s standards
Flexential Sustainability Cooling
Flexential Sustainability Service

Construction & Material Decisions

  • Facility sites are chosen, in part, for access to clean, renewable energy sources and a utility provider committed to carbon-free generation targets 
  • Construction practices  meet stringent ISO 14001-certified environmental standards
  • Proprietary construction software is used to source building materials with the lowest carbon footprint available

Renewable Energy

  • Flexential’s standard power mix is offered, including 100% renewable power options to purchase clean wind power 
Flexential Sustainability Power
Flexential Sustainability Renewable Energy

Data Center & Facility Lighting

  • Utilizes Flexential-designed LED lighting with high bay fixtures and proximity sensors to reduce energy usage in the data center

Building Envelope Adaptability

  • Flexential plans beyond the typical 12-15 year facility lifecycle to ensure next-life viability for our data centers
  • Compute space is designed with the flexibility to be reconfigured
  • Infrastructure is placed outside of the building envelope or on outer perimeter walls to enable easy removal and replacement 
Flexential Sustainability Infrastructure
Flexential Sustainability Recycle

Corporate Recycling Program

  • All cardboard and packing materials are recycled to further reduce the facility’s carbon footprint

Sustainability Certifications & Awards 

  • Energy Star efficiency rating (one of only a few U.S. data center recipients)
  • Uptime Institute Tier III certification
  • Gold level partner in Portland, Oregon’s General Electric Clean Wind program
Flexential Sustainability Compliance