The Disaster Recovery Handbook

Welcome to your first step towards fortifying your business against unforeseen IT disasters. Authored by Clay Mathre, Disaster Recovery Services Manager, and Will Bass, VP of Cybersecurity Services at Flexential, our Disaster Recovery Handbook offers a deep dive into establishing a robust DR strategy.

How to build a best practice disaster recovery program

The Disaster Recovery Handbook


This guide is your roadmap to implementing best practices, meticulously crafted by our industry experts to help protect your business's critical infrastructure and ensure your operations stay continuous and secure, even in the face of disaster.

  • Understanding the components: Learn the critical elements of a disaster recovery plan, including technical infrastructure, clear procedures, regular testing, and comprehensive documentation.
  • Best practice framework: Gain insights into constructing a foolproof DR plan with actionable steps and real-world wisdom from top industry professionals.
  • Roles and responsibilities: Identify key roles within your DR team and ensure everyone knows their part in the event of an IT emergency.
  • Regular testing and updates: Discover the importance of regular DR testing and updates to maintain and enhance your recovery capabilities.
  • Cost-effective strategies: Explore how to balance cost and effectiveness in your DR approach, ensuring optimal protection without overspending.

Ready to take control of your business continuity? Download our Disaster Recovery Handbook now and start building a resilient, robust DR strategy that safeguards your operations against any disaster.

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