Leverage our experience to create the ideal database recovery plan

Whether man-made or natural, when disasters threaten your organization’s valuable data and database assets, your infrastructure and applications require an effective disaster recovery strategy. Flexible database recovery solutions for maintaining backups, off-site backup storage, backup encryption and fast data restoration help protect your infrastructure and environment.

Flexential can support your unique data retention and compliance requirements as well as help you implement your disaster recovery strategy. We provide a deep bench of certified DBAs and solution architects for SQL Server and open source databases. Our suite of database disaster recovery solutions include:

Disaster Recovery for SQL Server

  • Always-on availability group (AOAG)
  • Log shipping
  • Database mirror

Disaster Recovery for open source database

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Our disaster recovery solutions and services for database assets include consultative design, monitoring and runbook documentation for failing over and back. Rest assured you will receive the highest standards of infrastructure, and the highest levels of service and protection for your data.

Features and benefits

Features of database recovery

  • Platform tiers provide consistent performance experience
  • Encryption services protect your data from transferring to outside sources
  • Reliable and redundant storage is available in combination with cloud, colocation and managed hosting environments

Benefits of database recovery

  • Database and applications are backed up and able to be restored quickly and easily
  • Data is securely encrypted and protected at the source securing
  • Your IT teams is available to focus on more strategic initiatives

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What our customers say
“Because we are a real-time credit bureau – meaning reporting and changes to credit files happen instantly – downtime is a serious issue for our customers. They get antsy very quickly when they can’t pull down up-to-date Clarity credit reports at any given time. That’s a business interruption for them. Our systems must be available and moving traffic at the drop of a dime.”
Jeff Scarsbrook, Director of IT, Clarity Services