Reliable connections to revenue-generating business applications

Connections to critical business partners, networks and carriers can make or break your business processes. Without these connections in place, time and money are lost. Costly equipment sits with no connection to the outside world, rendering your investments in these technologies useless.

In many cases the services you require to power your blended internet and cloud connectivity require additional infrastructure investment including switch ports and the associated monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting tasks. When you partner with Flexential, you can save on these collective network costs while gaining the ability to concentrate on your core business rather than connectivity challenges.

Flexential’s portfolio of 40 secure, redundant and connectivity-rich data centers provide access to a wide variety of carriers, enabling you with vast options for your connectivity needs. Cross connects within our data centers can help ensure high performance, network reliability, redundancy and low latency for your networks and applications.

Features and benefits

Features of cross connects

  • Switch ports monitored 24/7
  • Carrier-neutral connectivity
  • Redundant infrastructure eliminating latency

Benefits of cross connects

  • Connect to a Flexential data center from anywhere giving you access to reliable networks 24/7
  • Connect your critical applications with new partners, networks and carriers giving you diversity and low latency, saving you time and resources
  • Leverage experienced technicians 24/7 to manage your critical infrastructure

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What our customers say
“We don’t have to employ people to take care of the physical network. This makes it possible for us to maximize our IT resources. The ability to count on someone else to manage upgrades and add new hardware is great for our growing company. We’ve never had any significant downtime, which means the software our customers rely on is always up and running.”
Stephen Bradley, CEO, Medical Tracking Solutions