What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server, to reduce IT infrastructure and costs while improving performance.

Create a flexible and scalable cloud solution to drive your business forward

The 2018 State of the Cloud Survey identified 81% of respondents already have a multi-cloud strategy and 96% now use cloud. These figures indicate a strong dependence on cloud computing to solve IT infrastructure challenges and help manage demanding workloads. Whether you’re using a private, public or hybrid cloud model, the benefits of cloud services can ultimately help your business advance while satisfying the most arduous IT requirements.

Our cloud computing experts first seek to understand your specific requirements, then design and deliver the right resources. Our experts are application aware and know how to size cloud servers and assign storage tiers based on your specific needs for better performance and cost savings. With a full suite of cloud server offerings including private cloud, compliant cloud, object storage, managed cloud, dedicated servers and Hyper-scale Cloud Connect, Flexential has your cloud needs covered.

With Flexential cloud services, you can

  • Reduce the time to create and deploy new products and services
  • Maintain compliance with industry and regulatory standards such as HITRUST CSF, HIPAA and PCI DSS, among others
  • Scale business applications
  • Eliminate the time and cost associated with IT infrastructure management and hardware maintenance
  • Enjoy the agility and efficiency of the cloud in a customized environment accessible only to your organization