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Tailored cloud solutions to meet your needs

Solve complex hybrid IT challenges and support long-term business growth by implementing private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.


A flexible and scalable cloud solution to drive your business forward

The ever-changing demands on your IT infrastructure can be capably met with a cloud solution but which cloud model is right for your business?

To create a solution that fits your needs today and flexes to accommodate future opportunities, Flexential’s cloud computing experts dig deep to understand your specific requirements, then design, build and deliver a cloud solution to enable your business’ long-term success.

Cloud solutions designed to meet current and future IT requirements

IT leaders today require flexible cloud solutions that address changing security, compliance and cost optimization requirements. Flexential offers a full range of cloud solutions and managed services to help businesses optimize applications, protect data and accelerate innovation.

Here at Healthaware, we define our success by how we measure healthier lives and communities using innovative technology and by driving relentless improvements with our strategic partners. Flexential is one of our strategic partners, and my team my team is very happy we have overcome all the tech-debt of upgrading our operations systems and frameworks. The migration to Flexential went really well, and I was very happy with your help, your company’s support, and Point Solutions Group. Normally with massive deployment efforts like this, companies experience weeks of issues, bugs and fire drills. However, we are up and running with very few issues. Healthaware values our partnership with Flexential and appreciates the effort to install the IT solutions critical to our business’ success.

Greg Gossett
CEO of Healthaware
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