September 2023


Are you prepared to take your IT resiliency to the next level? Join us for an exciting webinar where we'll delve into the FlexAnywhere Methodology and unveil strategies to enhance your organization's service uptime, network performance, and cyber defenses.

Our expert panel will guide you through essential design patterns, including high-availability setups, regional interruption protection, and advanced threat mitigation. Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to fortify your IT infrastructure against disruptions.

August 2023

In today's fast-paced digital age, migrating to the cloud is no longer just an option, it's a necessity for organizations who want to stay competitive. But with so many potential pitfalls along the way, the process of cloud migration can seem daunting.   

Join us for FlexTalk, where experts from VMWare and Flexential will provide a roadmap to help you navigate a successful migration to the cloud, including:  

July 2023

IT organizations today face three main challenges: migrating to the cloud, getting the most out of their cloud investment, and protecting their investment against threats of ransomware and downtime.

Join Kyleigh Fitzgerald, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Zerto, as she chats with Frank Lacomba, Senior Director of Product Management at Flexential, for “Continuous Data Protection Through 2030 and Beyond.”

May 2023

Navigating Economic Headwinds - Key IT Actions to Take Now!

Join us on FlexTalk as we discuss a pragmatic approach to navigating the road ahead and ensuring your technology program remains agile, scalable, and resilient during difficult economic conditions. 

April 2023

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

Implementing data protection into ongoing operations and knowing the necessary processes are critical to ensure all data and workloads are properly protected. Reacting to disaster before it strikes is more harmful than helpful!

Join us as the Professional Services team gives us their insights into Data Protection Best Practices.

March 2023

The FlexAnywhere™ Methodology gives customers the tools to solve their biggest hybrid IT challenges, while seamlessly interconnecting applications and users.

Join us, as we get a better understanding of how and what The FlexAnywhere™ Methodology is, in this FlexTalk.

February 2023

Did you know. . .

80% of organizations are hit with a second attack? 9% of organizations pay a ransom three or more times?

Organizations that are hit and pay ransoms will most likely get hit again. Ransomware actors frequently create backdoors that give them continued access to the network post-incident. Being well-prepared can reduce the stress and fear of ransomware attacks.

Reserve your spot at this highly informative FlexTalk!

January 2023

Gogo Business Aviation is the creator of the inflight connectivity revolution. The breakthrough innovation allows passengers, pilots, operators, and others in the air to stay fully connected to their work life, social media, and entertainment on the ground.

Join Sherri Liebo as she hosts Gogo Business Aviation, Mike Schnepf VP of Network and Systems Engineering, to discuss Superior Network Performance and Interconnection.  

November 2022

We hear from businesses that critical applications up and running in addition to achieving peak performance are vital to their success. It’s a constant challenge to meet required uptimes and manage costs—while maintaining the high performance that is expected in today’s digital-first world.

Our proven FlexAnywhereTM Solutions platform is solving these kinds of industry concerns every day. 

Join us for an in-depth review of our most poignant solution yet. Learn how you can boost your application performance and achieve the required performance outcomes.

October 2022

Alert Logic's Tom Gorup joins FlexTalk to discuss how security plays a vital role in your evolving IT landscape.  With IT infrastructure aging and requirements for significant investments, everyone needs to figure out the best plan to optimize short-term costs and long-term commitments.

Learn about these three use cases:

  • Agility to act quickly and deliver new capabilities
  • Scale-up and down resources and data center footprints
  • Aging Infrastructure