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Nearly every organization is on a journey of transforming its IT infrastructure and cloud solutions are part of the mix for nearly all of them.
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Stamping out the #1 misconception about hybrid IT: It’s not just a transitional strategy. Read Flexential’s blog to learn more about the benefits of Hybrid IT.
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Cloud technology has changed the way most companies do business today. Where that is most apparent is in the Software-as-a-Service sector. The Application Service Provider model preceded Software as Service before cloud technology became prevalent.
Bringing clients closer to their customers, ViaWest launched a new cloud node in the Colorado region, enabling Rocky Mountain users to access applications more efficiently.
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There are services and capabilities that allow you to develop applications that are secure, monitored, logged, alerted and analyzed for performance and costs, without deploying a separate set of tools.
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There is significant innovation taking place, and more and more enterprises are taking the leap to hyper-scale cloud platforms like AWS and Azure.
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The healthcare industry seems to be an amalgamation of acronyms, from HIPAA and HITECH to HHS and ACA. This document provides a brief overview of the terminology, federal laws, initiatives and agencies behind some of these acronyms.
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There are many types of public clouds in the market, with the likes of AWS and Azure coming to mind. However there are also community cloud type public clouds.
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Most tech-based startups need IT infrastructure that grows with them. Many choose Amazon Web Services (AWS). But who is managing those operations?
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Why Hybrid IT Makes Sense for Financial Companies. Read our blog to learn how Hybrid IT can help financial services companies achieve compliant cloud solutions.