Protect your organization from pervasive ransomware attacks

According to security firm Kapersky, ransomware grew by more than 250% in 2017. In light of such unprecedented growth no business is safe and many require assistance in creating a proactive and attainable ransomware readiness plan.

Our incident handling and Ransomware Readiness services help you assess how prepared you are to handle an IT security incident. Flexential experts will meet with you to dive deep into your existing incident handling processes including patching, backups, endpoint protection, configuration management and user security awareness, to identify gaps in best practices.

Our certified security experts work across all industries to help assess vulnerabilities, improve security posture and quickly and effectively respond to ransomware attacks. Let Flexential help you gain assurance and peace of mind in knowing your organization is prepared.

Features and benefits

Features of ransomware readiness services

  • Full review of your current state and documented processes
  • Assessment of patching, backups, endpoint protection, configuration management and user security awareness
  • Incident handling and ransomware defense readiness review

Benefits of ransomware readiness services

  • Access to highly skilled IT and security professionals with experience to prepare for a malicious attack
  • Improve strategic positioning to better manage your infrastructure and optimize programs
  • Learn and implement industry best practices

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Flexential provides objective expertise in multi-platform management and ransomware prevention and response.
What our customers say
"Working with Flexential enables us to focus our internal competency on higher-level services, while still benefitting from an incredibly knowledgeable and attentive team handling the complex lower level infrastructure, BCP and security. It’s a great cost savings for us – we found Flexential has been able to offer comparable services at roughly 20% savings over our other vendors. The Flexential team is always proactive about anticipating and resolving issues as well as keeping our systems modern and optimized."
Jon Bromling, CTO, PetroSkills