Authoritative incident response services prepare you for the worst

Cybersecurity attacks have become increasingly more sophisticated and persistent against organizations of varying sizes across all industries. The number of U.S. data breach incidents recorded in 2017 hit a new record high of 1,579, an alarming 45% increase over the record high figures reported for 2016.

You need a cybersecurity incident response team to immediately take action in the event of an attack to minimize the impact of the breach on your organization, preserve data in a forensic matter and quickly restore operations. While post-incident forensics allow you to determine what has been compromised, without proper testing by a trained and readily available response team, key steps may be overlooked, which could result in increased exposure during and following an incident. Hiring professionals can help ease this burden.

If you experience an incident, Flexential’s expert cybersecurity incident response and forensics team will act immediately to prioritize solving the issue. We’ll implement forensics practices to determine the incident root cause. We can help with chain-of-custody and preservation of evidence to arm you with the information you’ll need in a court of law if a perpetrator is identified.

Rest assured that we will deliver swift and expert guidance in the event of an attack, helping to mitigate changes and ultimately deliver peace of mind in the midst of a crisis.

Features and benefits

Features of incident response

  • 24/7 response and assistance
  • Incident investigation and management
  • Forensics services
  • Chain-of-custody assurance
  • Monthly retainer package includes incident handling kit and guide

Benefits of incident response

  • More easily identify which processes are most susceptible to a security breach
  • Understand how to prevent future incidents
  • Position your company to legally pursue perpetrators

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What our customers say
“Our clients put their trust in us to come to them with the best technology providers that we can find. Flexential’s response time, security and reliability are bundled up and our clients rely on us to bring that to them. Flexential does that very well on our behalf.”
Julie Daniel, VP of Client Marketing Services, Vizergy Digital Marketing