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Powering the future: Meeting the GPU demand for AI applications

Explore how Flexential is at the forefront of the GPU-centric revolution in data centers with strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring our facilities lead in supporting the high-density colocation demands of AI.

11 / 30 / 2023
3 minute read

As we navigate through an era of rapid technological evolution, the emergence of GPU-centric computing in data centers has signaled a new standard, particularly for AI applications. This paradigm shift is not just a change; it's a revolution in how we conceptualize and build data center infrastructure. The surge in HPC (High Performance Compute), essential for the complex computations in AI and machine learning, intensifies the demand for augmented data center capacity and compels us to rethink and overhaul traditional data center configurations.

GPUs, or Graphics Processing Units, have become the backbone of AI applications due to their ability to perform parallel processing, a critical requirement for the vast, complex datasets used in AI and machine learning algorithms. With this shift, HPC demands a significant reengineering of data center infrastructure. Traditional data centers, primarily designed for CPU (Central Processing Unit) intensive tasks, are now facing a challenge. GPUs require more physical space due to their size, demand substantially higher power for operation and cooling, and necessitate advanced cooling mechanisms to manage their increased heat output.

Recognizing these changing needs, Flexential has been proactive in addressing these challenges. We've embraced a forward-thinking approach, ensuring our data centers are equipped and at the forefront of this GPU-centric era. Our facilities have been designed to accommodate the high-density requirements of HPC and AI/ML applications, providing ample space and power and incorporating advanced cooling technologies to handle the increased thermal output.

Our strategic foresight has led us to build high-density data centers since 2010, positioning us uniquely in the market to support the GPU-driven demand in AI. We've chosen geographically diverse locations, often in emerging markets, to leverage the available space and power resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce in traditional data center markets.

Our collaboration with Applied Digital and CoreWeave is a testament to our dedication to staying ahead of the innovation curve, enabling us to support the high-density requirements of GPUs. These partnerships highlight our commitment to innovation and demonstrate our capability to blend advanced technologies with practical industry needs, thereby expanding our capacity and reach.

The growing AI sector brings to light the critical need for data centers to evolve rapidly. At Flexential, we are active agents in this transformation. Our investments in the FlexAnywhere® Platform, expanding our presence in strategic locations like Hillsboro, OR, and Atlanta, GA, are concrete steps towards this commitment. As we amplify our data center footprint across 19 markets, our focus is to ensure our infrastructures are prepared and leading in the GPU-centric landscape.

Faced with these impending challenges, we at Flexential view them as catalysts for innovation and progression. At this pivotal juncture, where AI and GPU infrastructure are shaping our future, Flexential is not merely adapting — we are pioneering the direction of data center technology.

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