Data centers and the impact of AI

Considerations for optimal deployments, efficiency, latency, and sustainability

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize industries and shape our future. This eBook explores the dynamic interplay between AI and data centers—pivotal hubs that power AI workloads. As the significance of AI grows, optimal deployment within data centers requires meticulous consideration of multifaceted factors. Distinctive nuances between training and inference processes, data set access, network latency, and sustainability are paramount.

Author Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer at Flexential, draws insights from AI luminaries and industry trends to navigate the complex terrain of AI integration. By aligning AI strategies with data center capabilities, organizations can harness the transformative potential of AI while minimizing inefficiencies. Embracing these insights, the path to efficient, low-latency, and sustainable AI deployment within data centers is illuminated.

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  • Optimal AI deployment: Explore how data centers are pivotal in driving the performance and efficiency of AI workloads, unraveling the intricacies of deploying AI technology within these critical infrastructures.
  • Training vs. inference: Delve into the nuanced differences between AI training and inference processes, understanding their distinct computational demands, time sensitivity, and resource allocation to ensure seamless AI functionality.
  • Data set access and quality: Gain insights into the significance of diverse, unbiased, and secure data sets for successful AI deployment within data centers, navigating data diversity, privacy, and compliance challenges.
  • Latency management: Discover strategies for managing network latency to enhance real-time and interactive AI applications, leveraging high-speed connections, edge computing, and content delivery networks for optimal user experiences.
  • Sustainability and efficiency: Uncover the critical role of sustainability in AI deployment, examining power usage effectiveness, water usage, cooling infrastructure, and equipment utilization to align AI goals with environmental responsibility.

Download “Data centers and the impact of AI,” for a comprehensive look at the intricate relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data centers.

Jason Carolan, Chief Innovation Officer

Jason Carolan

Chief Innovation Officer

Jason Carolan leads Flexential’s customer-driven innovation and advisory programs office, providing leading insights to product and technology evolution in a dynamic industry.

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