IP Bandwidth that Keeps Pace with the Growing Need for Internet Presence

February 7, 2018

The Global, Growing Need for an Internet Presence Requires Robust IP Bandwidth

In today’s world, all companies are expected to have an online presence, and we are a culture that relies on the network to run our business and our lives. It’s still hard to fathom that the network has so swiftly become a critical piece of our everyday lives and has an impact on everything we do.

From the advent of online hosting and media services like MSN, online payment services, search, e-commerce, music, collaboration tools, social media, and now the Internet of Things, we have come to rely on the network for nearly every aspect of our lives, including the critical services to run a business—it’s a wonder how we keep up. The growth alone is staggering, with streaming expected to consume over 2 Zettabytes (that is 1021 or 1 billion terabytes) by 2020. Add expected IoT traffic, and we’re looking at 500-600 Zb of traffic by 2020.

Understanding the importance of having an internet presence is fundamental to business success, no matter the industry. With over 60% of internet traffic hitting mobile devices, the ability for our customers to browse for new shoes, schedule a doctor’s visit, or play their favorite game from their phone or tablet is just a way of life. It’s also expected that by 2020, over 50% of mobile traffic will be bidirectional. Everyone will have some touch point that interacts with the internet, which is why having sufficient bandwidth will be critical for optimal business operations. It’s unacceptable to be slow or unreachable, and successful businesses learn to adapt and embrace an always-on culture as a core component of success.

Critical Elements of a Quality Internet Experience: Excellent Carriers, Availability, and Expert-Supported Tools

Capacity and stability are not our only concerns, though. With anything great, there are always those who want to disrupt or destroy it. Distributed Denial of Service is one such menace. It maliciously attacks a business’ Internet capabilities, trying to cripple their online presence.

Bringing together all the critical elements required for a quality Internet experience can be tricky. It requires quality carriers, a proven, high-availability architecture, and a host of tools supported by experts. What it doesn’t require is a large number of carriers in your network blend. Having more doesn’t make it better. In a lot of cases, it can actually make it worse. A quality blend should only include the main carriers that your traffic is destined to. There’s no reason to send traffic to a middle-man carrier without a very compelling reason; a blend should be simple and purposeful.

Flexential Delivers Unmatched Reliable and Scalable Networks for Optimal Internet Service

At Flexential, our solutions provide customers with the most reliable, scalable network they could ask for. Our services use modern solutions, technology, and tools with diverse carriers and hardware, supported by highly-trained engineers to ensure our customers receive 100% uptime, guaranteed. This includes automated DDoS protection to ensure you’re always up, regardless of the circumstance. The best part is, we include it for free in our bandwidth product!

Selecting a colocation provider is only part of the solution. Finding one that can provide the best and most reliable internet service is critical to your success, the livelihood of your business, and your customers. Don’t leave that to chance.

Tim Parker, VP Network Solutions, Flexential

Tim Parker

Senior Vice President of Network Strategy

Tim is the vice president of network strategy at Flexential, where he is responsible for guiding the company's interconnection ecosystem and developing network strategies and architectures for Flexential's HybridEdge Strategy.