Modern Application Development Environments

Accelerate DevOps transformations and achieve faster time to deployment, increased quality and reduced operating costs.


Increase Application Delivery Velocity, Quality and Maintainability

Flexential Professional Services facilitates and accelerates DevOps transformations with expertise in automation, containerization and infrastructure as code. Our experienced teams design, build and manage modern application environments. We quickly stand up new environments using our proven reference architecture, industry-leading cloud-native tools and Lean-Agile methodologies. Tailored services target your priorities to increase quality, decrease development times, and achieve continuous delivery and integration.

Once successful DevOps environments are established, we partner with customers to sustain their development, test and production environments. Ongoing 24/7 support and expertise provide the benefits of DevOps—without the challenges of recruiting and retaining your own specialized team. Your result is faster time to deployment, increased application quality, improved maintainability and reduced operating costs.

Capabilities & Benefits

Environment Architecture, Transformation & Operations

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    Platform Modernization Strategy
    A Blueprint for Lean-Agile Application Platform Modernization

    Use a transformation strategy blueprint for building modern, containerized, API-driven or micro-services platform architectures. Includes end-to-end discovery that analyzes development through deployment practices. Designed to facilitate monolithic application deconstruction for Lean-Agile transformation.

    Experienced, certified DevOps experts and project managers
    A proven enterprise reference architecture
    Tailored to application-specific requirements
    Industry standard DevOps tools: no vendor lock-in
    Methodologies based on Lean-Agile principles
    Hybrid IT orientation: services for on-premises, colocation, private and public cloud
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    DevOps Architecture & Operations
    A Partnership for “Working Software”

    DevOps environment architecture, setup, transformation and ongoing 24/7 operations, including tooling and processes. An experienced team partners with your existing operations to add expertise, implement proven architecture and manage day-to-day operations.

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    Managed Container Orchestration
    Modern Application Environments that Fit Your Business

    Implementation of the platform modernization strategy. Delivers a containerized solution for application deconstruction and transformation to modern architectures and environments.

    Continuous integration and deployment (CI CD)
    Modern application architectures: microservices, decoupled, message and event-based, etc.
    Highly scalable
    Fully automated
    Proven operations stack