Flexential DevOps reference architecture

Many organizations want to ‘do DevOps’ but struggle with building an effective team, identifying the right technical components for their environment, and implementing them correctly. While plenty of excellent resources tell you what tools to use, it’s hard to know which is the best for your organization or, once implemented, how to grow with them.

Learn how to build reliable, scalable, secure, and maintainable development environments

Leveraging a proven architecture from the Flexential Professional Services (FPS) team and learn how to:

  • Build a robust and scalable system
  • Ensure the efficient operations and support of your environments
  • Integrate mature cloud-native tools designed to work across cloud provider

Download the Flexential DevOps reference architecture to guide your design and implementation today.

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What is a reference architecture?

A reference architecture for DevOps provides a common framework and best practices for delivering software products and services faster, better, and with lower costs that help organizations align their teams, processes, and tools and avoid common pitfalls and challenges.

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