Reduce the risk of data loss with the Flexential Recovery Cloud (DRaaS)

There’s never a good time for a disaster to strike. Whether it comes in the form of a malicious attack, human error or hardware failure, a major IT disruption can have a ripple effect throughout your business, causing downtime that affects both your customers and your normal business operations.

To that end, many organizations rely on backup solutions alone to help get their systems up and running quickly after an event. For some, this is the extent of their disaster recovery (DR) strategy. But reducing downtime during a disaster is only half the battle.

A backup solution provides merely a point-in-time snapshot of data, meaning any data occurring between that pre-set date and the disruptive event is lost and potentially unrecoverable. Think it won’t happen to you? The truth is that 91% of organizations have experienced a tech-related business disruption in the past two years. And 56% of organizations have experienced an event in the past three years that resulted in unrecoverable data.

The bottom line? The ability to reduce data loss in the wake of a disaster is even more important than reducing costs and resuming normal business operations quickly. Without a comprehensive DR plan, organizations can find themselves - at best - having to reproduce the data loss, which takes time and resources. Worst case scenario? The data is unrecoverable and lost forever.

Reduce downtime and reduce the risk of data loss with Flexential Recovery Cloud (DRaaS)

Don’t let a major data loss shut down your business. Make Flexential’s Recovery Cloud solution an integral part of your DR plan to minimize business interruptions, protect your brand reputation and reduce critical data loss. With the flexibility to cover customer systems where they are, plus multiple tiers of available Recovery Cloud, Flexential will design a Recovery Cloud solution that’s tailored to your unique needs. Flexential delivers not only the technology, but the expertise and resources to ensure your DRaaS solution is ready for the unexpected.

Features and benefits

Features of recovery cloud

  • 24/7 exceptional support and guided disaster declaration
  • Professional services team on staff to support DR readiness and complete end-to-end DR design
  • Rich portal with operational metrics, real-time status information and self-testing capabilities
  • 5 strategically located DR centers that provide coverage within 600 miles of most metropolitan areas
  • Support for on-premise, colocation and cloud environments
  • Near-real-time replication
  • Recovery journals that deliver point-in-time recovery up to 30 days

Benefits of recovery cloud

  • Reduces business interruptions and data loss
  • Meets business and application recovery requirements
  • Supports greater brand and IT resiliency
  • Simplifies DR design and operations by leveraging years of experience and expertise
  • Improves security posture and recovery capabilities against malicious attacks including ransomware

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What our customers say
“We fully replicated the data center on the Recovery Cloud within five weeks of the initial call to Flexential – which believe me, was a phenomenal accomplishment. And our performance in the Recovery Cloud was equal to or even better than our previous production performance. Having a partner with Flexential’s expertise, dedication and ability to execute proved invaluable. It’s great to have Flexential as a partner now and going forward.”
Rick Blanchard, VP of Technology, A&R Logistics