A DRaaS solution fine-tuned for your business

In today’s advanced technological climate, IT disruptions are inevitable. Common causes of downtime include hardware failure, loss of power, software failure, data corruption, external security breaches, accidental user error and malicious threats. Legacy technology systems can also create security risks for your business.

Don’t let a major data loss shut down your business. Make the Flexential Recovery Cloud an integral part of your DR plan to enable reliable recovery of your critical IT systems. Built on leading-edge technologies and combined with our expertise in cloud-based disaster recovery, Recovery Cloud enables you to take advantage of a broad range of cloud resources to restore services in the event of an application or entire site failure quickly, securely and regardless of your production environment’s location.

A tiered approach

With organizations maturing at various rates and prioritizing IT applications differently, our solution allows you to choose the most comprehensive DR plans possible at the best price. That’s why we offer three levels of secure DR tuned to your organization’s business environment. In addition to our three core offerings, we also provide backup for non-mission critical applications for an affordable yet secure off-site storage solution.

Choose from disaster recovery tiers and use controls such as DR test frequency, infrastructure size and performance to align your workloads. Build the exact solution your business requires and your budget allows.

Features and benefits

Features of recovery cloud

  • DR experts available 24/7/365
  • On-demand, non-disruptive testing
  • Extended journaling for greater choice of application rollback and recovery
  • Continuous data protection
  • Flexibility to fit most virtual environments without requiring re-architecture
  • Proven HIPAA and PCI compliant
  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model allows easy transfer of current Zerto licenses to a Flexential Recovery Cloud solution

Benefits of recovery cloud

  • Minimize data loss in event of a disaster
  • Restore your applications and data quickly to within minutes of an incident
  • Build a tailored recovery infrastructure to fit your technical needs and your budget
  • Mix service tiers to match workloads
  • Leverage a flexible solution that works with your production infrastructure

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What our customers say
“We fully replicated the data center on the Recovery Cloud within five weeks of the initial call to Flexential – which believe me, was a phenomenal accomplishment. And our performance in the Recovery Cloud was equal to or even better than our previous production performance. Having a partner with Flexential’s expertise, dedication and ability to execute proved invaluable. It’s great to have Flexential as a partner now and going forward.”
Rick Blanchard, VP of Technology, A&R Logistics