Secure, reliable backup and recovery for your data and applications

Data protection is crucial to your IT organization. It’s essential you adhere to regulatory and compliance standards designed to protect the integrity and availability of your information. Failure to abide by these regulations can result in steep financial penalties, mandatory consumer remediation, broken client commitments and damage to your reputation.

To support your business and compliance initiatives, Flexential offers backup and recovery services to help you quickly recover and restore your data in the event of a disruption or disaster. Our services are purpose-built to meet your stringent compliance and retention requirements.

We offer flexible cloud and database solutions for maintaining backups, off-site backup storage, backup encryption and fast data restoration. We tailor solutions to support your unique data retention and compliance requirements as well as help you further design and refine your disaster recovery strategy.

Features and benefits

Features of backup and recovery

  • Data retention and compliance
  • Built-in resilience supported by our robust network backbone
  • Off-site redundancy
  • Simplified backup and recovery management

Benefits of backup and recovery

  • Entire systems, including the database and application, backed up and able to be restored
  • Peace of mind that your data is securely encrypted and protected at the source
  • Your IT team is available to work on more strategic projects
  • Backup and recovery needs are fully managed and supported

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What our customers say
“Flexential’s robust network and geographic footprint afforded us the business continuity and disaster recovery plan that we need to maintain our university’s IT operations in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Its team of professionals designed a solid solution just for us, so that we can pursue our educational activities and goals without interruption.”
Ellen Sheridan, Director of Server and Network Services, Saint Leo University