Network Hub

Increase application performance and optimize network costs

Strategically deploy network hubs near users to reduce latency and utilize private connectivity to achieve higher performance.  


Connect where your users are located for an optimized network and efficient use of bandwidth costs

In order to optimize your networking for today’s rigorous demands, localize traffic with network hubs which allows you to make important routing and security decisions closer to your users. 

Connect network hubs directly to public and private clouds, other regional network hubs and the internet which provide fasts, consistent and reliable network performance ready to support your businesses future requirements.

Whether you are looking for geographically distributed locations for latency requirements or need better application performance and access to the leading cloud providers the Network Hub brings connectivity closer to your users and Flexential Interconnection. 

Flexential Interconnection enables you with: 

  • DCI – Data Center to Dater Centers Connections  
  • IP Bandwidth – Internet connections 
  • Cloud Fabric – Connectivity to the clouds and SaaS providers 
Features and Benefits:

Network Hub

  • Industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) and innovative solutions 
  • Have a team of highly skilled Professional Services experts on staff 
  • 39 data centers across, 19 markets, geographically distributed footprint 
  • 100Gbps network backbone with hardware
  • Expertise – Certifications 
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Increased Application Performance 

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Reduced Network Cost

Direct Connections to Leading Cloud Service Provider

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Increased Network Security