Interconnection Mesh

Streamline your data center interconnection strategy for multi-site deployments

Reduce complexity and add redundancy quickly and easily without the need for additional circuits. 

Product Overview

Simplify Multi-Site Network Connectivity

To keep up with growth-supporting business requirements, companies are adding needed application capacity close to users in regional markets. Connecting two data centers is manageable, but once additional locations are added, the complexity and management of the network becomes resource intensive. 

Companies need interconnection solutions that allow them to add more redundant sites and services quickly and easily – without the need for additional configurations or multiple circuits.

The Flexential Interconnection Mesh is designed to be a superior and agile connection that simplifies multi-site network connectivity and provides built-in redundancy to ensure high availability connections, allowing for an any-to-any type of connection. This allows customers to plug into ports and instantly have connection to all other ports on the Interconnection Mesh.

Features & Benefits

Streamline Interconnection Process

Interconnection Mesh empowers Flexential customers to manage and scale their connectivity solutions and meet the ever-changing requirements associated with today’s digital landscape.

  • Any-to-any connections
  • Inherent redundancy & increased reliability 
  • Fully managed solution
  • Multiple bandwidth sizes in 1G increments

Increased reliability

Colocation customers can monitor Interconnection Mesh bandwidth consumption via the Flexential Xperience Platform™.

Quick, streamlined provisioning

Access all ports across multiple data center sites.

No additional configurations

Add redundancies, sites, and services more efficiently and effectively. 

Faster time to market

Decrease cost and complexity with less carrier circuits.