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Our dedicated servers private cloud solution enables you to leverage the benefits of the cloud while also ensuring maximum privacy and security for your mission-critical applications. Through this service, you receive a customized environment that is accessible only to you and is not shared by other Flexential customers. We rack, procure, monitor and manage the hardware and you simply lease it, freeing your team to focus on serving the business while also ensuring your mission-critical applications are always running on high-performing, reliable and optimized servers.

Our dedicated servers come with redundant connectivity to Flexential access layer switching to ensure you enjoy 100% network and bandwidth uptime, high availability and low latency. As Flexibility is core to our brand, one flexibility feature we offer with dedicated servers is the ability to run our servers alongside private or public cloud instances.

A high level of support also is a key attribute of our brand. Flexential engineers are extensively certified and will assist you with designing and implementing a successful deployment, in addition to providing 24/7 server monitoring, system updates and recovery procedures.

With our optional managed operating system and database services, our team also is available to assist with OS/database installation, management and monitoring, as well as intelligent and configurable load balancing, to help keep your enterprise and web applications running at optimal levels.

Features and benefits

Features of dedicated servers

  • Hardware racking and procurement
  • Hardware monitoring and management
  • Hardware troubleshooting, sparing and replacement
  • Managed operating system services available (OS/database installation, management and monitoring; intelligent and configurable load balancing)

Benefits of dedicated servers

  • Free overloaded IT staff from maintenance burdens
  • Identify potential problems early, thereby preventing downtime and keeping systems optimized
  • Gain redundant connectivity to Flexential access layer switching
  • Protect against hardware failure
  • Ensure maximum availability and resiliency

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What our customers say
“After months of careful research, we chose Flexential because we felt its high-level of professionalism, IT security and customer service aligned perfectly with our own business practices. To deliver on our commitment to our customers, it was imperative that we partner with a company that is dedicated to providing superior solutions, and we found that with Flexential.”
Andrew Aebersold, President and CEO, Mediaura