Improve time to market and growth

Competition is fierce in the tech industry. In an age of digital disruption, you face increasing pressure to improve time to market and ensure your offerings are best in class. To stay competitive, you have to continually advance beyond your own boundaries and maintain innovation, retain top talent and sustain growth. You must continue to incorporate new technologies in order to survive. Even if you overcome these hurdles, success often brings new and different challenges.

The opportunity is large for cloud and IT solution providers, but only for those that have an IT infrastructure that can deliver reliable and predictable performance under increased stress.

Flexential has multiple solutions specifically built to help you maintain your competitive edge. Let us help you with your core infrastructure compliance, security or planning needs so you can focus on driving innovation instead of driving to the data center. Use our HybridEdge technology to create innovative new services or work with our cloud solutions team to build bullet-proof cloud infrastructures to meet the needs of your most demanding customers.

With a fleet of over 40 enterprise-grade, compliant data centers across 21 North American markets, Flexential can bring your infrastructure close to your users. Flexential also provides network solutions that align with your business objectives, with over 80 on-net carriers, proactive DDoS network protection and an industry-leading network backbone that can scale up to 400Gbps. Our network reach goes beyond just North America. The New Cross Pacific and Hawaiki sub-sea cables terminate in our Brookwood data center providing our customers the fastest connection available to Asia and the South Pacific.

Features and benefits

Features of technology and cloud solutions

  • Nationwide footprint with over 40 interconnected data centers across North America and abroad
  • 100% availability guarantee
  • 100Gb backbone to accommodate large spikes in traffic across the network
  • 24/7/365 connectivity monitoring, supported with certified network engineers
  • US based NOC and SOC

Benefits of technology and cloud solutions

  • Scalability to support increased compute and storage requirements
  • Maximum uptime and availability through automatic traffic rerouting
  • Flexible pricing plans for customers
  • Risk assessments helps customers identify and prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities
  • U.S. based Security Operations Center (SOC)

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Experience the benefits of moving your applications and content closer to your end users in one of our enterprise-grade data centers.
What our customers say
“Flexential has provided us with flexibility, and has allowed us to grow our business as fast as we can. If we want to expand our market base or add a slew of additional small-staff associations to our infrastructure, Flexential has our back.”
Richie Ward, Vice President of Technology, MemberClicks