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IT Transformation & Today’s Work from Home Requirements

The concept of IT Transformation is not new, but 2020 has underscored its importance more acutely than ever before. In order to survive in today’s chaotic business environment, enterprises must reassess and overhaul their IT systems to improve efficiency and delivery, and to protect their data, infrastructure and profitability.

According to Tech Target, the purpose of IT Transformation is to transform the IT department from a reactive, inflexible organization to a productive, flexible part of the business that can respond quickly to changing digital business requirements. The benefit of a successful IT transformation is the establishment of a solid, secure foundational infrastructure on which to rapidly deliver automated services, cloud computing and new operating models. 

How to Ensure Working from Home, Works

Organizations that failed to address aging IT systems, applications and resources have likely been most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive shift to working from home that it has created. Coronavirus forced the rapidly changing requirements generated by a data and bandwidth-hungry world into hyperdrive, nearly overnight. 

Even companies that began transforming their infrastructure prior to COVID-19 have struggled to support the requirements generated by scores of non-essential employees working remotely. The reality is that the way we conduct business has almost certainly changed forever, leading enterprises to the realization that widescale work from home scenarios are likely here to stay. 

If your organization has yet to embark on—or complete—the inevitable IT transformation that working from home hinges upon, you can start by learning how to equip your organization with a secure and productive work from home strategy and how you can assess the security of your company’s remote work environment.

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