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ViaWest Equips Clients for Data-Driven Future Through Power Density Capabilities Surpassing 1,500 WPSF

06 / 27 / 2017
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DENVER – June 27, 2017 – Pushing the boundaries of colocation capabilities for clients, ViaWest announced it can accommodate power densities of over 1,500 watts per square foot at its newest data centers across the United States.

Creating a test cage environment at its Plano Data Center, ViaWest has demonstrated its power density capabilities through extensive instrumentation and testing to provide assurance to clients that it can accommodate nearly any space and power configuration they need to run their environments.

“Many in the industry have trouble adjusting to the need for increased power density, which is driven by new IT server architectures and data-driven processing intensity. Traditional data center designs cannot handle densities above 150-200 watts per square foot,” said Dave Leonard, Chief Data Center Officer at ViaWest. “ViaWest is able to achieve power densities of more than 1,500 watts per square foot through a unique ground-up approach to our data center designs, eliminating fragile and inflexible fixes like putting water near the rack or requiring hot and cold aisle ducting.”

Leonard continued, “Our approach provides maximum flexibily for our clients, which translates to cost savings in the long term and, equally important, peace of mind knowing that our data centers can handle whatever power densities future IT technologies might bring.”

ViaWest is able to accommodate these power densities (more than 50 kilowatts per rack) at its newest data centers located in Las Vegas, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland and Dallas. These data centers incorporate 24-foot-high ceilings for heat collection, high capability cooling units, a pressure-managed raised floor environment and instrumentation and automation to assure that the right amount of air is delivered to the right location.

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