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Peak 10 Expands to Chicago as Demand for Cloud and Disaster Recovery Solutions Grows

Expansion aligns with location of top partner AVANT Communications, Inc

07 / 27 / 2016
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – July 27, 2016 – Peak 10 - National IT infrastructure and cloud services provider, Peak 10, Inc., is expanding its geographic footprint with the establishment of an office in Chicago to respond to demand in the Midwest for reliable cloud computing and disaster recovery (DR) solutions and high-touch customer service. Opening in August 2016, Peak 10’s new Chicago office located at 2 N. Riverside is also home to AVANT Communications, Inc., its 2015 Distribution Partner of the Year.

“We have made significant investments and enhancements to our product portfolio over the last 12 months, and now it’s time to expand our reach with our location-agnostic solutions,” said Jeff Spalding, COO for Peak 10. “By establishing a home base in Chicago, we are able to offer our business IT and engineering expertise to partners that support Midwest companies that are specifically looking for a data center outside of their region for DR purposes or that require compliant, production-grade cloud, security and storage solutions to protect the lifeblood of their business.”

The new office will provide Peak 10’s already active Midwest clientele and partners with easier access to Peak 10’s team of experts. These companies and partners will also have access to Peak 10’s full suite of products including colocation and cloud services, as well as its new Encryption as a Service and Object Storage solutions – which are the most cost-effective in the industry and can be utilized by any company, regardless of its location.

In addition to its new Chicago location and markets with data centers, Peak 10 has strategically-located business development and engineering experts in other U.S. locations including Philadelphia, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Memphis, and Austin, Texas to further support the company’s growing customer base which spans the country. Having a new location so close to partners in Chicago, such as AVANT, will allow Peak 10 to strengthen its relationship with the transformative sales enablement partners and serve more companies in the region.

Michigan-based Workforce Software is an example of a Midwest company that found the expertise and IT solutions it needed at Peak 10. Mike Muha, Director of Cloud Services for Workforce Software stated, “As a SaaS company, we needed a highly-available data center to host our DR site and ensure the security and availability of our software for end users. After looking at a number of providers across the U.S., we chose Peak 10. It offered dense power, allowing us to minimize our rack footprint while maximizing computing power in each rack; something other providers – even those that are known globally – weren’t able to deliver. Peak 10 offered the right product, at a fair price, with outstanding service.”

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Peak 10 operates 27 data centers in key U.S. markets and serves a diverse range of customers in the U.S. and abroad. The company’s hands-on approach to IT has recently been recognized with an industry-leading Net Promoter (NPS) score of 67.4 – the highest ever in the company’s history of tracking this metric and indicator of its focus on the customer experience.

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